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Concord Foods Product not vegan! Incorrect Ingredients list

Hi guys, my girlfriend and I just bought this Sweet Potato Casserole Mix from Concord Foods and they had these little marshmallows included.  The ingredients list said the marshmallows were vegan, no gelatin!  It had some other whipping agent so we thought it might have been a gelatin replacement.  We even ate some of them  :( 

We even looked online and found a post on another forum saying that the product was vegan and suggesting the product to other vegans.

But then we realized the marshmallows were too gelatin like, so we emailed Concord Foods and they confirmed that there was gelatin in the product!!  They totally lied in the ingredients list.  It was probably just a mistake but still, I wonder how often things like that happen?

Anyways, watch out for anything that seems too good to be true (like something that seems extremely marshmallow-like yet doesn't directly state that it's "Vegan" as a feature, and doesn't include gelatin in the ingredients list!)

that is so crazy -  thanks for the heads up!

what jerks.

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