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Google Toolbar/Notebook Feature

I have the Google Toolbar with the notebook feature

With the notebook you can have a recipe (or whatever page is on top) and "clip" it and it goes into the notebook for later reference. Comes in handy when I'm looking around and see recipes that I want to save but not print out. A very helpful feature!

WOAH!  this is the most awesome thing ever.  I have tons of stickies and word files saved with recipes and yada yada yada, but this notebook is perfect.  its always at the bottom of the screen.  its understandable, because who never had a real life notebook???  it makes sense.  wow!  it is so cool.  thanks so much for posting about it.

for people thinking of getting it.  its so easy.  so simply highlight what you want, then click the star and it saves it as a note in youre desired notebook, then you leave it there and later if you want to delete it, theres a little drop down box to delte the whole note, save the whole note and other things.  really awesome.  thanks again!


I too went straight away and got it.  I tend to have a word document somewhere with loads of copied and pasted links, but this is much easier.  Yay!  Thank you for pointing it out.

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