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Makeup Retaliation

So I've been a vegan for a long time now?
So I drink soymilk?
So I take vitamin b12?
So i eat tofu?
So i never buy any leather products?
So what on earth do i do about makeup?!!?!?!?
No clue---------------------------------------->>>>> And this is where i need YOUR help!
  Everyone keeps coming up to me and telling em that not eating milk, eggs, meat or derivatives is not doing me nay good since makeup is animal tested.. and that crushes me.does that mean That all that ive worked to accomplish is in vain?
  I live in brasil.... and here they dont write whether or not makeup is animal tested.. and there is really no way of  knowing
Can anybody help me with a smart remark back that wil put them in their place?
lol.. a nice one that is=)

"I still save 90-100 animals a year by not eating them."

Not all makeup is tested on animals. I understand that it's difficult for you to know in Brazil.
Check out these thread or search for makeup on the left and you'll find more info.


would this list help?  it is usa based but might have some relevant companies.

i think that even doing one of the things you've listed is a good step towrds a better planet so doing all of them is brilliant, naysayers are just silly.  you should say something to them like  "i'm happy with the choices i make about the products i use"  its not very snappy but i always feel that is better not to rise to the bait if people are going to try and pull you apart like that.  if they persist you could always say that you are always reading into alternatives and updating your choices, cos you are.


I'm not sure what you have where you are but I can highly reccomende Este Lauder make-up--I use the "american Beauty" version that they sell at Kohls--you can defintly shop on line their website! It's a little more expensive then store bought--but it is very worth the quality! I have never had better makeup! I also like a lot of the Wet & Wild products--they are super cheap drugstore cosmetics--but you can get tons of shades! You can probably order that stuff offline too!


I don't wear makeup. Aside from 2 yrs in college, I never have. I do have beautiful skin, but that is in part because 1) I don't sunbathe 2) I don't smoke 3) I don't wear makeup.
Go to the nearest cosmetics store or department of a large store. Take a gooooood look at the ladies selling makeup. They all look like old boots! You can't tell me that stuff is good for your skin!! It closes up the pores and your skin can't breathe!
Besides, where I live in Spain they really layer it on...and look artificial and plastic and NOT pretty. Along with the poorly-blonded hair with black roots...shudder.
A little moisturizing cream, OK. Sunblock, OK (though lately I've heard most commercial brands aren't much protection in reality).
But a healthy diet and plenty of hydration allied to youth is much better than slathered-on artificial paint, IMHO.
There IS such a thing as natural beauty, and trust me, Beccalynn--you have that. Wait till you have something to cover far from your pic I'd say you don't.


Judging by your photo, I'd agree with Yabbitgirl in that you really don't need makeup.  Sure, it might be fun for certain occasions, costume parties, and such...but for the day-to-day, you're better off without it.

Just as your body thrives on food free of chemicals, artificial colors and animal products, so your skin will thrive when free of cosmetics.

plus, think of the money you'd save!


oh, but I forgot to mention....

it is your choice to continue wearing makeup if you wish, and I wouldn't condemn you for it.

and I wholeheartedly agree with baypuppy--you're still doing a great thing by not eating/wearing animal products.  We can only do so much.

I've had people try and criticize my actions in that way, too:  "How can you justify buying all yer tofu and vegetables at Hy-Vee (grocery store) when they also sell meat?  Aren't you still supporting the meat industry that way??"  ::)
Just consult some of the links provided to try and find brands that don't test on animals.  If you're unsure about a product, and it still bothers you, just don't buy it.

and don't let anyone undermine your good efforts!


If i could hug you all.. yall would all have agreat BIG hug!
Thanks so much!!!!
Ya'll saved me!!!


I'm not sure what you have where you are but I can highly reccomende Este Lauder make-up

Thank you- now I have a very good valid reason for buying expensive makeup !!!


Crush Groove cosmetics makes all natural, vegan cosmetics that are not tested on animals.  They are a bit pricey but I bought some samples to try.  This is from their website.

"Crush Groove Cosmetics is a natural mineral makeup line for all skin tones! Our complete mineral cosmetic line is handmade of pure crushed minerals, herbs, and oats. No titanium dioxide, mica, petrochemicals, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, animal by-products, synthetic colors and polysorbate "wachamacallits" are used! Just simple vegan and natural ingredients to create a new you!"


Oh, I forgot, Almay doesn't test on animals.  They were on the PETAs cruelty free shopping list.  And being a common drug store cosmetic they are a bit cheaper and easier to purchase. 


Thanks yall oo much! I'm soo gonna loook in to this haha


there are several lines of make up out there that use absolutely no animal products as wellas no animal testing as well as no petrochemicals:

I use Aveda as well as the ZuZu luxe makeup line at Gabriel cosmetics and I absolutely love them.


After reading this I looked up "henna makeup" and found this website It's pretty cool!  For the eyes and lips; semi-permanent (probably a bit scary for persons with unsteady hands), but cool nonetheless!

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