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The official hot sauce review thread (to be updated)!

Hot sauce!!!  :devilwink: In alphabetical order. Add reviews here. Word of warning: I didn't think to check for honey in all the ingredients until partway through the list, so let me know if any flavors need to be removed.

Hot Sauce
Arizona Gunslinger
a habanero-jalapeno sauce that my mom brought when she visited.  It's really good, but we're almost out (permanentgrin)
Chipotle habanero

Green jalapeno


Habanero and mango

Red jalapeno
This used to be one of my favorites...but I can't find it anymore. Love the red jalapeno flavor! Very flavorful...tangy without tasting vinegary. Goes great with refried bean burritos. (kristinv)
Ass Kickin'
one favorite (storm)
Ebesse zozo hot
Favorite. crazy African hot sauce my friend gets me when he goes to Shambhala. Use it on pretty much anything, though. I love love love love that stuff!! (sb)
still the best in the universe (sb)
I've had several bottles of it over the years. My best friend is from Canada and goes to this big music festival called Shambhala. The first time he tasted it, he KNEW he had to get it for me because I love all things spicy. I have never seen it for sale in stores (sb)
Ebesse zozo medium

Ebesse zozo mild

West Indian hot

Hot pepper

After death
This is a very spicy habanero hot sauce with a bit of smoky chipotle flavor coming through. A little goes a long way. My favorite way to use it is to add just a couple drops to guacamole. (kristinv)
Beyond death

Chipotle slam
A good, basic chipotle hot sauce. Kinda spicy (nowhere near as spicy as their Death sauces). I didn't use it much, because there are other chipotle sauces I like better. (kristinv)

Golden death

Jalapeno death

Jalapeno tequila
This is one of my favorite Blair's sauces, and it's my second favorite green sauce. Everything you would expect from a good green sauce...tangy, flavorful and medium-spicy. (kristinv)
Mega death

Muerte death

Pure death

Sudden death

Sweet death

Ultra death

Wasabi green tea
A very unique hot sauce. Great if you like wasabi...couldn't really taste the green tea, though. I didn't use it much, because I had no idea what to put it on. Now that I'm thinking about it, it would probably go great on some veggie sushi. (kristinv)
Zakk Wylde original berserker

Zakk Wylde sonic brew

Zakk Wylde stronger than death

Brother Bru Bru's African
i really like spicy food so most hot sauce just doesn't cut it for me (not hot... ) i like this (hesp)
has a fairly distinctive apple-cider and African-spices flavor. Not for everything, but often goes well in otherwise slightly bland soups. (kuzu)
Capt'n Sleepy's

Chili garlic
A very garlicy sauce but milder than original Cholula. Tasty, but I don't use it very often, because it's milder than most hot sauces. (kristinv)
Chili lime
not very good...and I'm a huge fan of the original...the lime gave it a weird taste that I didn't care for - only bought it once, never again. (erinmonster)

Nothing else will do for us. (nmpixie)
favorite (queenbee)
I LOVE this stuff. When I go to a Mexican restaurant I get my own salsa bowl because I load it up with this delicious sauce. Mmmmmm....(veganrun)
It's my absolute favorite (caison)
like it (wassernixe)
pretty decent too. (fb)
like it on omelets and breakfast taters (mama2veggie)
my favorite hot sauce for mexican food!  It's a pantry staple. (erinmonster)
Yum! This has really good flavor. It's not very spicy, but I definitely prefer it to the other Mexican style hot sauces I've had. I would purchase this to have. (AC)
love when i want some smokey spice (larisuena)
LOVE this stuff. Not too hot that you can't taste the flavor. I could drink this stuff. (veganrun)
Good general hot sauce for Mexican food, but I prefer Tapatio as far as Mexican-style hot sauces go. (kristinv)
Extra hot

it's the only one that was ever in my house growing up. it's what my mom made her buffalo sauce with and i don't think i could ever use another at home. (mei)
I use it (or something composed of vinegar and cayenne) on any type of potato (baked, fried, roasted). (sb)
love it (lunanova)
Green habanero


Red habanero

Dat'l Do It
Devil drops
one favorite (storm)
Hot sauce

Dave's Gourmet
2011 jolokia private reserve

Adjustable heat

Cool cayenne

Crazy Caribbean
It is not too hot and has a slight sweetness to it.  One of the first ingredients is carrots.  If it wasn't so expensive I would buy it more often. (monkey7)
although I've only been able to buy one bottle, it was absolutely delicious as far as I can remember. In comparison, all of Dave's other sauces I've tried were quite disappointing (kuzu)
Garlic chile

Ginger peach

Ghost pepper jolokia

Hurtin habanero

Hurtin jalapeno

Jump up chipotle

Jump up original

Jump up passionfruit

starts out mild good flavor then a sudden explosion of heat. (caison)
okay when I want mostly heat and not so much flavor, and there are several flavors I haven't tried. (kuzu)
Very spicy. I like to add a few drops to vegetable soup to give it some kick. Doesn't really add flavor...just heat. (kristinv)
Liquid stoopid
I LOVE THIS.  Instant giant bomb of insane heat.  Within milliseconds, you feel the most intense heat I've ever gotten from a hot sauce, along with a beautiful smoky flavor. (caison)
Presidential Barack

Roasted garlic

Roasted red pepper and chipotle

Scotch bonnet
A tangy, flavorful sauce...I poured it on everything until the bottle was empty (in a matter of days). I received it as a gift, but I haven't been able to find it in stores. (kristinv)
Temporary insanity

Total insanity

Ultimate insanity

Bajan pepper

Cucumber pepper

Red hot pepper

Desert Pepper Trading Company

Doc's Special
Jamaica hell fire
one favorite (storm)

It wasn't fancy, as it was the El Yucatan brand, HOWEVER it is one that I bought in Alaska, and  accidentally "smuggled" home on the plane (they actually stopped me in security!). It was in the door of my fridge, got stuck when I picked up something else and smashed all over the floor.  :(

eta: El Yucateco, I mean


Bummer...sounds like you went through a lot for that bottle! 

I haven't broken any hot sauce bottles, but I was devastated when we came home from vacation (this was a couple years ago) to find our fridge broken. I think we tossed out 10-15 bottles of hot sauce (all the ones that specified "refrigerate after opening"), because we didn't want to risk any kind of food poisoning. And of course, we also threw out  basically everything else, but I was most upset about the hot sauce.


If I had known the "what is your favorite hot sauce" thread was going to be converted into a review thread I would have left actual reviews instead of just favorites.  I guess I'll have to get busy on that.....later.

And in other chile news, Bhut Jolokia has lost its throne.


that's one ugly chile.



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