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Question about vegan marshmallows....

First off, are they worth trying? I've never had them but miss marshmallows :( Are they fluffly like regular ones?

Also, what do you use them for? Can you replace them in any recipe that calls for them, like rice krispy treats?

Thanks :)

i haven't had them but i will tell you this: i think it depends on the brand. it seems that people really like dandies and perhaps sweet and sara.

also, i wouldn't use them for rice krispie treats just die to expense. you can find vegan marshmallow cream or ricemallow cream ooor use a recipe on this site (seems like most of them are corn-syrup based).


Oooh k. Rice Krispy treats was just an example, I wasn't sure if you were able to use them like other vegan substitutes. Like how you can use vegan cheese in basically anything that would call for dairy cheese. But since you mentioned rice krispie treats on this site I'm about to search for them now lol


i had dandies... they were awesome and well worth it... i haven't made rice crispy treats with them but i made rocky road bars and put them in my hot chocolate... they were a little big so i just sniped them in half with kitchen sheers


Sweet and Sara's vanilla marshmallows are soft, sticky, slightly chewy and just delicious. I used them in a marshmallow "milk"shake and they were incredible. They were also wonderful plain, right out of the package. I didn't try melting them, but they have a recipe for the rice cereal bars on their website, so they must be fine to melt. They are a bit pricey though.

I haven't had regular marshmallows in so long I don't remember their taste really well, but I do remember they were more gummy in texture than these.

I'd love to try their smores. They look really good coated in Belgian chocolate.


It hasn't been too long since I've had them, maybe 10 months, and I know they're real airy, I wouldn't describe them as "chewy" and that's how I think vegan ones would be. I'll definitely get some because I'm even more curious now lol And btw is there another vegan marshmallow creme besides rice cream?


get dandies - they're totally airy and delicious.  you can melt, roast, etc.  and they're so good.

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