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Sanuk shoes now owned by same company that makes UGGS

So I bought a pair of Sanuks a few years ago & I really love them.  It is time for a new pair, so I was just kind of browsing until I actually have money to buy shoes.  I was very disappointed to learn that Sanuk was recently purchased by Deckers (for 120 million  :o).  Deckers owns UGGS, Simple (this surprised me) Teva, & some other brands I never heard of.  BTW, they will be stopping the production of Simple shoes in the very near future.  Anywho, I'm glad found this out.  When I actually have money, I plan to buy a pair of handmade vegan shoes from Etsy.  They have some really cute ones on there. 

So anyway, I just really happen to hate UGGS.  I can't stand to see people clomping around in those ugly ass, cruelty filled, aren't I so trendy, piles of garbage.

Just had to say that. Thanks.  :-*

Ha, UGGS. I think anyone who wears boots with booty shorts (THAT'S NOT WHY THEY CALL THEM THAT, GIRLS) looks stupid. Sorry if anyone here does that... with UGGS, it sticks out even more, because they look like colder weather boots.


YES! when I see this, it makes me think of their sweaty gross feet crammed into fur boots in the middle of summer - yuck!

Kind of like when you see people at the grocery store wearing their cartoon print pajama bottoms & flip-flops.  And the pants are dragging on the ground collecting filth.  It makes me wonder if they even bothered to brush their teeth. 

I wish I could selectively turn my brain off.

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