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Tofutti expiration

I am in the middle of a kitchen re-clean. Trust me, it hasn't been done in forever. Aaaanyway, I found some Tofutti cuties in the back of the freezer that have been there probably since summer 2008.  They don't have an expiration date. How long do you think those suckers last?

PS: I have no idea how I forgot about them. I ate a whole pack of a different flavor in the middle of this.

You're crazy to have forgotten those! I'd bet that they haven't gone bad or anything, as they're full of delicious chemicals... buuut they might be pretty freezer burned. So I'd say go ahead and try them and just toss em if they're gross.


Yeah, those can get pretty freezer burnt... both crunchy/icy and gooey. I'd probably try it anyway, though.


I'm sure the safety isn't in question, just the quality. Most companies use the expiration date as simply the amount of time they guarantee the quality of the product. After that, if they're freezer burnt and less delicious, then it's tough cookies for you. I say go for it!

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