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trying to go 100% vegan

Ok, so my diet is pretty damn near pure vegan. The only thing left is to make all the products I used vegan. I found good recipes for toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap and deodorant but I'm wondering if I missed anything. Are things like shaving cream, aftershave, mouthwash, lotion, acne medicine and spiking gel (I have a mohawk) vegan? If you know that something on that list is not vegan and you know of a recipe for it please let me know.

In a semi-related note, I'm also looking for vegan condoms and bondage gear (mostly a mask).

If you know of other things used regularly that are not vegan, please let me know (from obvious things like gelatin to not-so-obvious things like the small piece of leather on guitar straps). I don't want to think I'm a good vegan when I'm really not.

I think you probably posted this in the wrong forum but anywho...

I cut out all the meat first then eventually dairy and eggs and through that transition cut out products that where from animals it was a slow transition. I didn't want to stop using a product since it wasnt pure vegan, I hate wasting stuff.

Now with products most tout if they don't test on animals just look on the back carefully sometimes there is a bunny or something or maybe just plain old text above the ingredients. I have transitioned away from a lot of products I normally used like shampoo, body wash, hand soap and basically use bar soap for the mentioned (better for environment - less packaging, easier and cheaper). I use simple things like coconut oil and aloe vera gel for moisturizing and wounds. You mentioned acne medication but as a veg acne has never been much of a problem but I do notice lots of gluten grains flair it up. And body odor has not been a problem much though I do use it in prep of stressful situations (I have some social anxiety) I probably use it once or twice a month.

Deodorant, Mouthwash, and used to be toothpaste was all Tom's of Maine. Toothpaste now is Trader Joe's brand. And soap is some brand that was at a discount marketed as organic and made with a recycled soy ink recycled cardboard box as well as Trader Joe's brand.

Here is a resource for figuring out what ingredients are animal sourced


If it really bothers you to be fully veg and try so hard to go out of your way then just do what you can. Because honestly something like a guitar strap I wouldn't fret about. I gave in and bout shoes with leather on them because of price (very limited funds). I eat eggs every so often if I get to the farmer's market, raw dairy if I crave it (once every few months), I eat local honey and bee pollen, I fertilize with bonemeal, I eat desserts my family makes out of respect, and so on. I don't however eat meat and I live pretty simple all around.

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