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Vegan Soap Rave: Kirk's Castile Coconut Soap

I loooove this stuff. I have a lot of trouble with "natural" beauty products (shampoo, lotions, face wash.....I'm never satisfied), but this stuff is the bomb! It's very gentle,  not heavily scented and completely vegan. I like Dr. Bronner's, but this is MUCH cheaper. Less than $1.00 per bar at my local supermarket.

It can be hard to find, but you can order it online as well.

You're welcome!

Dude me too! I use Dr. Bronner's for shampoo and Kirk's for washing my body. Where did you buy yours? I got mine at a Safeway in the Seattle area, I've never seen it in another grocery store (but I haven't looked that hard either)


I get it at Pick N Save in the Milwaukee area. The only other place I've seen it is Whole Foods, and it was much more expensive there.


We also love this stuff.  It is $1.19 a bar at the Woodman's stores in the Madison area.  I like it instead of shampoo, I have short hair, and my husb recently said how he liked it too.  We also use it to wash up the kiddlets, they all have very sensitive skin and eczema, and this soap doesn't bother them.

I think it smells like Ivory soap to me, just nice and clean.


my mother used this on us when we were children.  i found some in a store and bought it solely for the sake of nostalgia.  i used it because it is great-no additives, no real scent to speak of.  but it works really well and has remained relatively inexpensive to boot.  i find it everywhere here. 


Our Kroger has it - a 3 pack for less than $4. I just bought some, but haven't tried it yet.


I've been using Kirk's for a few years now, great stuff! None of the stores in my city sell it anymore, so once every couple of months I go to Waco (about 40-ish miles away) and stock up. Well worth the trip though 'cause I can buy a few other vegan things that I can't get at home.


I buy this at Wegmans Supermarket for a little over a dollar and it's fantastic!


I've tried mine now, and this is my take:

It's fine for bath soap - and pretty cheap for vegan soap.
It's horrible on my hair - leaves an awful film that I have to use regular shampoo to remove (even a vinegar rinse alone doesn't do it)

But, my favorite use is for laundry soap. I use one grated bar with 1/2 cup borax & 1/2 cup washing soda. Then, just 2 Tablespoons wash a whole load of clothes! I use a vinegar rinse in a downy ball (fill 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water and toss in when the load starts). All- natural, fresh smelling laundry. Cleaner than commercial detergent ever got it. And cheaper, too! : )

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