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Vegan Vitamins


 Wondering... your Favorite Vegan Vitamins???

I like chewable's (easy on tummy also) they are for Kids, but they work. I have only used VegLife multi.

Thought about trying Vega WFO- but it is $$$ and heard it can wreck havoc on digestion.
Also thought about trying NOW Foods Tru Food Vegan Meal Replacement.

But believe I will stick with chewable Vegan Vitamins...

Thoughts. Experiences.Suggestions.

I have to use children's vitamins because grown-up ones upset my stomach like no other.  Unfortunately, I can't find vegan ones (at least, not within the price range I'm willing to pay) so I'm stuck with gelatin and the animal based vitamin D.  But I find that I prefer to just eat a really balanced diet so that I don't feel reliant on supplements.  (But that's just me, of course, and I respect that everyone does things differently.)


Yes I would love to answer your question, but those things are so darn expensive. And multivitamins haven't proven to make much of a difference to health.


Veglife vitamins are chewable, for kids, no sugar, and they are like 7.99 a bottle (I think 60 tabs a bottle).

I have been Veg for a long many years, and I do eat a balanced diet, and I have heard of the vitamins hurting your health-not doing much...

But, you need to take them in proper dosage with a great diet.

They make me feel better (when I take them)

I agree that diet is the best, but everyday I am not eating to fulfill every vitamin/mineral.

So days I am like, I'm having organic tomato soup and whole wheat farfalle, with nutritional yeast flakes and this can't be max. potential for Nutrients
(And yes I juice every morning/ eat a protein packed/healthy lunch.
I'm just saying as example, supplements can be a good addition to healthy way of life)


But Thank you guys for the comments.


DEVA makes really cheap vegan vitamins & I think they're good quality.  I like their multi, calcium, B12 & vitamin D.  You can order them from Vegan Essentials.


Vitamin Code is supposed to be a good one. Vegan and from whole food sources.
I second the DEVAs. I used those during my pre-natal days. Super cheap!


I like Vitamin Code, too!  I'm kind of confused about their vitamin D3 procuring process because the website explains that the original source of it is from lanolin (sheep).  But then somehow they synthesize the D3 make it vegan??  I don't get it, but they are certified vegan by the Vegan Society.  I emailed the company for more info, but it was very confusing language & basically seemed to sum up to, "The D3 is vegan, but it's not really vegan."  Confusing.

Or maybe I'm being dense & just don't understand.  ;)


Hmmmm. I was not aware of this. I just remember seeing Vegan on the label and being happily surprised! Let us know any more info that you find!

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