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WholeSoy brand cream 'cheese'

Just popping in today to let y'all know about something I picked up in Trader Joe's the other day.  I'd never seen it before, but it might be old hat to everyone else; I have no idea.  The stuff is supposed to be a cream cheese substitute, but it's really nothing like cream cheese, so don't expect that.  (it says 'soy spread' on the package right under the words "Cream Cheese Style.") I got the garlic and herb flavored one, and it is the bomb on crackers!  I really like it.  Just not on a bagel.  And it says it's certified vegan, so you don't have to worry about them sneaking in casein or something like that.  Has anyone else used it?

I use it and really like it...I have only used the plain variety though.  I like to make vegan queso dip w/ it, use it on vegan muffalettas, and for cream cheese frosting on my coconut-carrot-macadmia-cake!  I have tried the Tofutti kind (In the YELLOW tub...the white tub has TFA's for some reason) on bagels and it is good.  I tried the Whole Soy last week when Whole Foods was out of Tofutti brand.  I use the Whole Soy yogurt and it is good also! Hope this helps


What's a "muffaleta"?


A muffaletta is a sandwich which is a New Orleans typically has various italian meats and cheeses, and alot of this really good olive salad along with some red wine vinegarette.  I found a vegan version of it which calls for vegan cream cheese, avocado, hummus and the olive sounds weird but its yummy.

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