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Daughter's 5th BDay Party. What to serve?

My family consists of myself, husband and 5 year old daughter.  We are vegan.  My daughter does eat the occasionally morning star sausage link (which is not vegan).  But that is the extent of her non vegan food.

Her BDAY is coming up and we are having a party.  Family is coming.  None of them are even vegetarian.  I know we will not be serving meat. 

Anyone have any good recipe ideas for our guests?  I am thinking we may have cheese, but my husband is not crazy about even serving that to guests.  My stance is when we go to other peoples homes, they make sure they have at least one vegetarian dish for us.  So should we make sure they at least have cheese, or dairy when they come to our house?

Advice would be great.


It's not against other people's values to have vegan food for you (but still gracious!), but it would be against your vegan values to have cheese/dairy in your home. You do not have to serve anything that is not vegan, but that's your choice.

Have you had any ideas of what kinds of foods you want to serve? Sit down meal? Finger foods?


That is a very good point. 
I am thinking more finger foods.  Maybe something like a taco station where people can make their own tacos.  So they have something that is substantioanl.  It is a trip for a lot of the guests.  About an hour + to our house, so I definitely want to make sure they get something good to eat.


Check out the pigs are safe in the barn recipe...I make those for parties a lot and people love them. EVen the biggest of carnivores! With the breading and condiments you can't even tell.
Also, dips and chips are good (hummus, spinach-artichoke, or some other dips). I wouldn't do crazy substitute stuff.
My friend makes tofurkey roll ups (the thin deli meats with cream cheese rolled up inside (small). she also makes hot dogs inside pillsbury croissants that are great. I think having lots of snack foods would be great...I like the taco idea too (lots of beans -black and pinto). and tons of condiments!
I would skip the cheese too-don't feel obligated.
try my husband's potato angels...always a hit!!! recipe on this site)
cake of course and coconut milk icecream!


i think the taco station is a great idea! just do fajitas or something for the filling, maybe portabello shrooms can be added to make them "meaty", def no fake meat or cheese... keep it real

i would have refried beans, mexican rice, guac, salsa, tomatoes, tortilla chips, 7 layer dip (vegan sour cream and ground "beef" can hide in here), veggie fajitas, corn on the cob, tortilla chips!

italian is also pretty easy to make a decent vegan meal with familiar things for non vegans

i agree that i would never serve meat or dairy... that is against what i believe in... eating 1 vegan meal of "normal" food isn't that god awful like people make it out to be


If you want to serve dairy cheese, that is your choice.  I would avoid the imitation cheeses though.  Like many people before me, keep it real.  The imitation stuff DOES taste different to people who are not used to it (in my opinion).  By keeping it real, you are able to introduce the world of yummy veggies.  I think you could sneak some TVP in there if you really feel the need to.  As far as ice cream, I've always liked the alternative kinds better.  Good luck! let us know how it turns out.


Thanks guys.  I agree with the keeping it real.  No fake cheese, people would probably not like it anyway.  We are going to do the taco station, with hard and soft tacos, different salsas, lettuce, taco sauce quacamole.  Black beans, peppers and onions sauted and possibly some tvp mexican flavored as well as a tomato pie or 2. 

Serving dairy just wouldnt feel right for me, and I wouldnt even want to buy it.

I will let you know how it turns out and post some pics!

I will check out your recipes little2ant I am thinking potatoes might be a good fit in there as well.

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