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Gluten free school lunches??? (Gluten Free - School Lunch)

I always make the easiest lunch for work: chickpea or tofu salad on eczekial bread.  I guess sprouted wheat  IS still wheat.  :'(

But I am tring to cut gluten out of my diet and was looking for any ideas.  

I know they have gluten free bread but I was looking for other ideas without any use of  bread.  

I have use to a toaster oven at work at don't want to use microwaves.

Thanks all!

i think quinoa is gluten free> if so you could make a cold salad with quinoa, beans (garbanzo, kidney, black), tomato, avocado, cilantro, salt, pepper. you get protein, grain, fruit, veg.. have a glass of soy milk and you have every food group. yum.


I have to be gluten free now.  This week, I have been eating two things which are GF.  One is a salad...a plate full of fresh variety greens, several sliced mushrooms, a whole diced tomato, 2/3 can of beans (chickpeas, white or red kidney), some bacos which ARE vegan, but not completely GF although I have found they don't bother me, and some dressing, whatever you have or care to make from tofu.

This means you have about 1/3 can of beans left over.  I snack on this.  Mash the beans and add some tofu mayo and pickle relish (can add other stuff) and eat on a brown rice cake.  Lundberg brand says it is vegan and GF on the label. 

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