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I'm new to this...

My son (19 months) was just diagnosed with some major food allergies. He is allergic to: soy, diary, corn, wheat, peas, nuts, oats, eggs as well as all meats and fish...I am just looking for some ideas as before today, we did not have very many restrictions in our diet. Does anyone else have or have a child/ren with these issues? I did find some cool recipes and am I excited to try them out for not only my son, but my entire family. Any help would be great.  :)

I don't have any food allergies but it may be helpful to look at what he can have and see what meals materialize from the ingredients.

Any veggies except peas
Grains - Rice, Quinoa, Amaranth, etc..
Pasta - there are soy-free, wheat-free pastas on the market
Milks - Hemp, Rice

This is just what came to mind quickly, I'm sure I'm missing lots.

I see stir-fried veggies tossed with a grain, a plethora of pasta dishes, veggie soups, salads...

Hope that helps - Good luck to you! :)

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