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I was just wondering if any parents on here are opposed to vaccinations and if you know of any good reputable sites/sources on this. I'm researching this right now, but if you have good info please feel free to post the links or website! Thanks in advance  :)

I know many people who are opposed to vaccines, but I also have a friend who was born after the polio vaccine was introduced and has polio because his parents didn't vaccinate him. He is lame in both legs.

If you decide to go the no-vaccine route, be sure that you research it thoroughly and realize all of the risks involved.


I actually saw some articles last night on about that. I would be worried about the risks - it seems like there is no risk of contracting those diseases now because no one ever has them - but thats because of the vaccines.. isn't it?? If you can find any other indepth information please let us know, and if I come across anything interesting I'll throw you a link.


I was not given the smallpox vaccine as a child (born 1962) because of being lactose intolerant. They stopped giving it by 1970 (at least where I grew up) and there was a lot of talk about smallpox having been "eradicated." And yet I know that there are "samples" (not the word I want, but you know what I mean) in the CDC. I think this is madness. Could it not have been destroyed for good and all? All it needs is one industrial spy to steal the test tubes and start a pandemic. And in these days nothing would surprise me less (see anthrax).
My mother was one of those who didn't believe in vaccines, but in her case she said it was just a waste of money, in her words "booster shots are just a money- maker for the doctors." Which meant that in order to be allowed to go to summer camp at age 13 i had to have all of the vaccines I'd never had--polio, measles, rubella--the lot. I was very ill for a day or so with the reaction to all of that stuff zipping around in my system at the same time.
I too know a girl who is younger than me that had polio and is now partially paralyzed because her parents "didn't hold with" vaccines.  I think at least some of them are valuable.
Now having said that, I never understood how they can come out with a valid "flu vaccine" each year--how do they know beforehand what's going to be this year's virus? Also I see so many older folks rush to get them--and then come down with the flu. You never got that with the polio/rubella etc. vaccines! Doesn't seem to be very helpful.


Now having said that, I never understood how they can come out with a valid "flu vaccine" each year--how do they know beforehand what's going to be this year's virus? Also I see so many older folks rush to get them--and then come down with the flu. You never got that with the polio/rubella etc. vaccines! Doesn't seem to be very helpful.

'Flu is a different category. It's a catchall term for a family of viruses - viruses which mutate now and then to add a little more challenge. Each year, they make an educated guess at three which will be the top epidemic for the next year, and grow a vaccine for those (a process which takes months), and give it to people. Sometimes they guess wrong -and sometimes people get one that is less popular.

It's kinda like guessing at next year's fashions. Not an exact science. It's amazing they ever get it right. 


just be sure you remember that if you do decide to vaccinate, that they aren't 100%. I was vaccinated against everything as a child but I studied in SPain about a year ago and got the Mumps. No one here gets the mumps. I didn't even know what they were! So just keep that in mind.


I have 3 children. The youngest is 2 1/2 and has not yet received vaccines. The older two I chose to have "partially" vaccinated. Meaning, I researched the various vaccines commonly given and weighed the risks of vaccine versus risk of the disease. In the end I had them vaccinated against polio and tetanus and turned down the others. When I first started researching years ago, I read this book "The Vaccine Guide: Making an Informed Choice" (Paperback) by Randall Neustaedter (Author). Since then, the vaccine issue has really heated up  and there seems to be a million new ones out there to choose from. Vaccination, as well as all other aspects of child rearing, is a very personal decision which elicits a lot of emotional debate therefore my best advice is to research as much as you can and find a like minded midwife or naturopath to help with questions.


This thread will be of interest to you:

Great natural parenting site for "crunchy" parents!!


you would have to look around on for the info but the women on there are friendly and will help. u might want to try the natural part of the board. i sometimes go there b/c i had merrick naturally at our old apartment and will do it again in a birth center with midwives if we can find one for when that time comes again. sry really tired right now b/c ive been up since 5 yesterday afternoon.


I'm pretty wishy-washy when it comes to vaccinations.  I've been vaccinated (without my consent , of course) my whole life.  Before I go to college I'm expected to get a Meningitis Vaccine, and a Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine. 

I have DEFINITLY decided against the HPV vaccine.  The vaccine only protects against 4 kinds of the virus, and there "are over 100" according to the American Cancer Society.  Also, I found this blurb on their website:

"Can cervical cancer be prevented without a vaccine?

Pap tests given according to American Cancer Society guidelines, and proper follow-up, will prevent most but not all cases of cervical cancer, and will detect most but not all cervical cancers at an early, curable stage. Most cervical cancers in the United States are diagnosed in women who have never had a Pap test, or who haven’t had a Pap test in 5 or more years. If all sexually active women had regular Pap tests, most cervical cancers could be prevented."

The vaccine only prevents 70% of cervical cancers.

As far as the Meningitis Vaccine, I haven't come to any conclusion.  There are two different vaccines available.  One (Menomune, M.P.S.V.4) contains lactose, among other things.  I haven't been able to find any information on the other vaccine (Menactra, M.C.S.4).  It is newer, however.

Only 10% of people who contract Men. die.  And only 11-19% are permenatly effected (mental retardation, seizures, deaf, nervous system problems).  Only 2600 US people contract the disease. (Which is .00086% of the population)


I never questioned vaccines and all my kids have had all of theirs, including the HPV vaccine.

My mother had polio in 1952 when she was just shy of 9 years old.  She has been confined to a wheelchair for 55 years this summer.  The bones in her legs have decalcified and her muscles are atrophied.  If she should fall when she is transferring from the toilet to the wheelchair and breaks a leg, they will have to amputate.  Because of the timing of her polio, she developed the most severe type of scoliosis there is and when they fused her spine at age 14, it didn't straighten and is fused into a very extreme curve.  One of her kidneys has traveled because of her spine and no longer functions.  She is 63 and has long since had to use oxygen at night because, after all of these years, they discovered that the polio had gotten the lower lobes of her lungs.  Her shoulders are so deteriorated that she lives in constant 10/10 pain. She suffers a great deal.

I have also had cervical cancer myself.  I chose to treat it homeopathically and I am fine.  It was NOT HPV type of cancer either.  There are only 4 varieties of HPV that cause cervical cancer, so that is all the vaccine was designed to cover.  Some of the types cause genital warts and other problems, but not cervical cancer.  The problem is that many people may not be as careful about Paps as they should if they have the vaccine.  I am among the one-third of all cases of cervical cancer that are "garden variety" cancer and not related to HPV.  This one-third is also twice as likely to due of cervical cancer.  It ain't exactly rocket science.

My brother and I had measles.  I have had rubella, chickenpox and whooping cough.  I have had a small pox vaccine myself. SOme of my kids have had chickenpox, some the vaccine and one of them has had both. 

I can't tell you what vaccines are "killed" vaccine and which are still "live" vaccine these days.  The Sabin vaccine for polio was a live vaccine and because it caused 10 cases of polio in the US every year it was given, they no longer give it.  All polio is given as Salk these days because as Jonas Salk was one to one ever got polio from the Salk vaccine.  If vaccines were still being given as "live" vaccine I'd say no to them, but not to "killed" virus vaccines.

Vegan or not, I'd make the same choices again.  These so-called childhood illnesses can be deadly, that is why they are required for school children.  I know first hand what polio can do and I would NEVER risk someone I loved by not making sure they were vaccinated and that includes my dog (of note, we had distemper running though a town nearby last month and dozens of dogs got sick from lack of vaccine). 

By the way, the large study conducted of whether or not there is a link between DPT and autism has concluded that there is no link whatsoever, it is a coincidence of timing. 

Oh and um, I choose not to get the flu vaccine myself, although I have lupus, moderate to severe asthma and a couple of other problems.  I have an allergy to eggs and I have not had the flu since I quit getting shots.  However, since I have had 8 cases of pneumonia in my adult life and I have broken ribs coughing, I jumped at the opportunity to have a pneumonia vaccine because I viewed it as a potentially life saving vaccine for ME.


Thanks for that anecdote LadyDragonfly.
I can't imagine the pain your mom has gone through-- that must be really hard for everybody.
My first child has had all the vaccinnations except flu and he's been a 'late bloomer' so I've questioned whether I should have let him get all the vaccinations and the role they may or may not play in developmental delays in children..... Sometimes I feel guilty that he's vacc'd, but at the same time I wouldn't want him to get  a deadly disease.  It's not something I know enough about, so I'm continuing to research it. It just seems like most of the time the possible side effects (including death) of the vaccinnes have greater risk than the chance of getting the illness itself... I just hope my son doesn't have a 'mercury buildup' from all the vaccinnes... and if he does...well what can I do?
He's seen a developmental pediatrician and had a hearing test and autism screening and he came out clear..... and I hope he's not autistic because most of the time it's too early to tell until they're almost 3. The autism rate is so high it's scary....1 in 150  :(


The autism rate is so high it's scary....1 in 150  :(

Um... that's the autism diagnosis rate. You know? ;)
I overheard someone the other day saying how their son was JUST diagnosed with austim AND ADHD.... uh... both?? That's when I'd run for a second opinion. I'm thinking... if the child truely did have autism (and maybe he/she does!) but don't you think that the "ADHD" diagnosis could be from the parents lack of creative communitcation with the child???
ADHD diagnosis had risen over 400% in the last few years.... I don't think that more kids are suddenly getting it, I think Big Pharma makes it easy for docs to hand out meds like candy cures. Some people go to the doc and if they don't have something wrong with them they don't feel like they got their money's worth. You know?? Sorry cuz that's a rant that's not really about vax at all... :)


Before I go to college I'm expected to get a Meningitis Vaccine, and a Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine. 

Is your college asking/requiring you to get the HPV vaccine?  I don't have a problem with anyone who wants to get this vaccine, but I was really upset when this one came out.  In my opinion, it is unnecessary, and the commercials are totally pushing it on girls.  I've always understood that cervical cancer is slow-growing enough that annual checkups wil catch it before it becomes life-threatening.

I'd be willing to change my mind if someone presented me with evidence to the contrary, but for now, this whole campaign ticks me off.  And if it is now one of the required college vaccinations... argh.


Let me be VERY CLEAR about HPV and the ramifications here.  I am extremely FOR giving this vaccine. 

1) HPV treatment is not minor.  It is no longer treated with cryotherapy (freezing like a wart).  THe current treatment requires general anesthesia and a laser treatment, or possibly a knife and cautery.  It is minor surgery, but comes with the risks of general anesthesia.

2) It is insidious.  It tends to come back and come back and come back, each time requiring more and more tissue to be removed.  By the 2nd conization, future fertility is in question and at the very least, would require the woman in question to have a cervical circlage, which is also a procedure under anesthetic.

3) I transcribe LEEP conizations (cutting with a wire loop) and cold knife cones on a daily basis, most days several of each.  While not violating anyone's privacy, I can tell you that about 95% of these procedures are done on girls aged 15 to 22.  I know that about 15 to 20% of those I do are repeat procedures, see #2.

4) Condoms are good protection against HIV and not too bad in preventing HPV.  HPV IS a sexually transmitted disease and men harbor it, but the medical profession being what it is, men are seldom if ever treated for HPV.  There isn't a simple blood test to detect the infection either.  Given the fact that there are still a fair number of new HIV infections even in the US among heteros, what makes anyone think that young women are going to insist that their partners use condoms?  The power balance between young men and young women doesn't speak to her being in charge of these things.

Lastly, if there were an HIV vaccine, would you refuse it for yourself or those you love?  My children would all have it, period and so would I, though I live like a nun. I would NEVER tell my kids...okay there is a vaccine for AIDS and I don't think it is safe or vegan, so I want you to use condoms every single time.  I doesn't work quite like that.

My only disappointment about the HPV vaccine is that they are only recommending it for GIRLS when girls get it from BOYS and BOYS are not being treated.  Now, if we find that the same HPV that causes cervical cancer also causes prostate cancer, every single boy in the US will have it and they will all be screaming for girls to get it so that they don't "infect" fellas!!!  It just happens to be the other way around and so it is not that important to some people.


LadyD, thank you for the information!  I would certainly be in favor of an AIDS vaccine, and I totally understand your reasoning behind the HPV vaccine.  I also think it's crazy that it's only being marketed to girls.  It just perpetuates the idea that girls are solely responsible for consequences from sex.  If they're going to market it to girls, they should definitely market it to boys as well.  The commercials are not even talking about it being an STD, and maybe if they did, more boys would be concerned about it.  In previous volunteer work, I had some education on HPV, and back then it was treated with freezing.  Thanks for bringing my education up to date  :)


Yeah, I wouldnt get an AIDS vaccine.  I think i would rather keep my legs CLOSED! 

It also annoys me that the HPV vaccine is marketed towards girls.  And they present the "virus" like it's something you can catch randomly from the air.... :-\  When I first saw one of the commercials I got really scared lol!  I kept thinking: "Oh crap I'm already infected!  I got it from a toilet seat god-knows-where. I 100% have cancer growing inside me!"  But like any vegwebber I researched it.  And found out the commercial is a bunch of crap!

And while i might have some random strain of HPV floating around inside me...oh well. 

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