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Organic Shampoo For Kids

I need an organic kid's shampoo.
I don't think "baby shampoo" will do it since my kid has a huge mop of hair and we're letting it grow out.  :D

Ideally it would be a 2-1, tear free (and not $10 a bottle!)

I use or the tea tree oil one, and it's scent is just too strong for my son.
Maybe I can just use a regular orgainc shampoo in a milder scent?

I'd like to try Jason's products but I can't figure out how to buy it online.

Anyone have a good one?

Maybe Avalon organics lavender or peppermint? My son loves the mint stuff. Often I use Dr.Bronner's.


on the website for Jason's, on the left, it says online store
click on that
Then you can pick the category at the top of the page
You then have the option to click buy.
Just a roundabout way of getting to it.


Thanks. Peppermint or lav sound like they may work. I guess i just like the strong smelling ones!

Maybe I'm really dumb but I still can't find the baby's shampoo (or any of the baby products) in the online store at Jason's...


I think Kiehl's makes organic shampoos- that's what we use ;) If not organic, they are all-natural and no animal testing and no animal products which is a big plus

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