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What religion are you?


My son is almost 4 now, a very impersonable age.  I want to bring him up to be a good man, to know that it is not right to kill....period.  I have my own beliefs, but I have this bad tendency to not be very consistent.  So I think joining a church would help.  But I Have looked for churches and can't seem to find the right one.  I was raised catholic, and know that is definately not right.  I even have looked into Buddhism, but it tends to be out there too with all the chanting and such, kind of wierd.  I just like a down to earth religion that isn't too far over the edge....similar to catholisism in this way.....but one that believes that all life is created equal.  I just don't buy the whole, humans are more important than animals and as such we have the right to turture, mame, and kill them, and consume their flesh.  It is like I am looking for a cross between Buddhism and Catholosism. 

Is religion really that important for kids?  Do they really need it to grow up good and well adjusted?


If you want something rather liberal and comfortably near Catholicism, in terms of liturgy etc, look into the Episcopalian church. As you know there's been a lot of media attention about them ordaining gays etc, it will depend on the pastor but they are usually more active in human and animal rights etc than some other more conservative groups. I attended an Anglican (Episcopal) church here for over 12 years and the primary reason I stopped last year was they moved the venue out of my reach.

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Have you looked into a Universalist Unitarian church? This church accepts all theologies and dieties, and teaches children about all religions of the world so that one day they can make the right choice for themselves. One Sunday School class even taught the importance of voting. I have found some of them to be the most intellectually engaging experience out there for adults, besides college. The congregation is mostly liberal, and there is a focus on social justice. It may be worth checking out.


Woah SnowQueen, I cant believe your little one is four already! I havent talked to you in forever. What is important to you in the religion? Do you want it to be Jesus focused? Do you wnat it to teach that all life is connected?

There are a few chrisitan denominations that tend to promote vegetarianism, though not as a tennent of faith. Seventh Day Adventist are often vegetarian or pescatarian, Some  Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic denominations eat no meat. There are some Roman Catholic religious orders (Carthusians, Cistercians, and Carmelites) which do not eat meat....

I am Chrsitan and I kinda lean towards being Quaker. Quakers have a STRONG stance on non-violence, to me veganism is an extension of that. There are a few things that Im not totally onboard with in that branch of beliefe though so I still go to a mainstream non-denominational church. We'll see if we need to make any changes in a few years when this baby Im carrying is old enough to go to Sunday School adn what not. Honestly Im kinda confused why more Christians are not vegetarain. God gave us PERMISSION to eat meat but never said it was the best choice for us- and honestly, he only gave that permission when the world was flooded and tere wasnt enough vegetation to eat. Before that he made us to be vegetarain. He also made it clear we were supposed to care for the animals in our charge and I cant see how the current industry is compatible with CARING for anything. 

Good luck with the search for what you believe and what you want to teach your son. Thats a tough topic. Dont feel like you have to get it all figured out now. 

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