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Skinny and Pregnant... help?

Okay I'm not actually skinny... that was just to lure you in... but I am on the "thin" side of things. I've always been this way, even before I was vegan. I have a really fast metabolism and its hard for me to gain weight. For example, if I get the flu and lose 5 pounds in a week, it might take months for me to gain it back.

Well the good news is... I'm pregnant! The bad news is I'm, as usual, having a really hard time gaining weight. I actually lost about 5 pounds in the first trimester from all the puking. The doc said it was normal to lose a little weight from morning sickness, and once I was over it I would catch back up. Well, I'm 15 weeks now, at least 5 weeks past morning sickness, and I've barely gained 2 pounds back. And I'm eating like crazy! I force seconds of everything down my throat even when I'm stuffed. I'm eating lasagna right now in front of the computer as I type this.

Anyone out there who's been in my shoes, or who has some advice? The doctor just says to eat more peanut butter and avocados. There is really only so much peanut butter and avocados a person can eat.

First off, congrats!!

Now, quit worrying and trying to gain, the baby really isn't gaining weight til the second trimester, which you are getting into. I woudn't make a big effort into the weight gaining aspect of it all, what you really need to focus on is getting a good wide variety of foods get all the nutrients to keep baby developing appropriatly. baby will grow fine if you focus on that :)



The baby will take what it needs, however the baby can get it. So you'r best course of action is to find a stomachable vitamin, and make sure you're getting a balanced diet. If you're not getting enogh of something, that's usually where cravings come into play.

Other thatn that... congratulations!


I had a problem with losing weight while I was nursing (like waaaaay too much weight) and basically was told to add oils to everything.  Margarine on anything you can butter, add some omega 3 goodness to rice and other grains after they are cooked.  Enjoy any high cal treats you like.  Other than that don't worry too much the baby will take what it needs.  docs love to freak out moms about gaining too much or too little weight.  Then they do it again with how much the baby weighs later (and I mean 6mos or so not the first couple weeks where you want to make sure they aren't dehydrated, etc.)  So annoying.


you said you've always been like this, but you get pregnant... that means you were still ovulating, ergo, you are very capable of having a healthy baby. don't fret!


I'll also say relax. As long as you are eating a well-balanced diet and eating when you are hungry to satiation, you and your baby will be fine. I happened to pretty much fit the "ideal" weight gain curve when I was pregnant, after losing 5 pounds the first trimester - but I think there are women who gain little and do fine and women who gain "too much" and do fine.

I really think it's like every other time in your life. Listen to your hunger cues - eat when you are hungry (don't wait until you are starving, of course), stop when you are satiated. Choose a good variety of healthy foods. Assuming you are otherwise healthy, your body knows what to do.


Thank you to everyone saying "relax". This is my first time being pregnant so I'm sure I'm being a little over-stressed. Its like everything you do they make you think is effecting your child forever. I know I'm a healthy eater... and I know my baby is getting a the vitamins it needs. I just have this picture in my head of this little skinny hungry baby haha. Probably I'm just causing myself stress because I've been getting so much crap about having a vegan pregnancy that I just want to prove to everyone that I'm going to have the awesomest healthiest baby ever.

Oh man. *sigh*.

jacqcote: good idea. and who doesnt love butter.

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