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Tricks for beans

I am trying to get my son to eat more beans.  He is not crazy about them, much preferrs tofu, but considering that he drinks so much soymilk, I am afraid of soy overload, plus beans are just plain good for you, and a good source of iron. 

Anybody have any recipes that your little one likes that involve beans?

When Caitlin was really young she liked plain unseasoned beans (no liquid) with macaroni as a finger food.  That doesn't appeal to me, but she loved it.  You might also try bean dips with veggies. bread sticks, crackers, as so on.

She also loved fish (in a tank, not on a plate).  I found Nemo-shaped pasta at a grocery store.  By putting a handful of that pasta into the soups, stews, chilis, etc., I was able to make Ish Soup out of everything.  She loved Ish Soup.  That simple addition made her willing to try anything. 


baked (flavored) beans are really yummy and easy... pinto beans + barbecue sauce + onions (optional)... i just heat them up in a small pot with a little water until they thicken

have u tried making garbanzo bean salad sandwiches yet? those are good


Amen to noodles and beans:

Also, burritos? Refried beans are an option. But beans as finger food has been a hit with my elsest, and all the kids my wife watches at home.


my daughter LOVES black beans with rice and guac.....she also eats a bean and veggie soup her dad makes in the crockpot every 2-3 days, (I would post a recipe but its always different!) Its basically 3 or more dried bulk bin beans w/ rice, quinoa, and veggies, (potatoes, carrots, brocolli, kale, etc..) and sometimes seaweed. Spices are kinda he grabs that day, curry powder, onion and garlic powder, salt, paprika, etc....  She will eat a whole bowl full of this stuff, especially when sprinkled with crushed up tortilla chips!
If your son picks out his beans, try blending them up in soups and sauces.


my daughter likes vegan baked beans, they are very sweet, I think thats why.  Not sure what brand they are, but the reg groery has them


My girls will eat any kind of lentil. I make lentil burritos, put them over torilla chips, serve them in soup or stews.

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