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Vegan Pregnancy

Any suggestions on a healthy vegan pregnancy? 

When I was preggo with my daughter 3 years ago I was very sick all the time and for some reason I all craved were big bacon cheeseburgers (ew!), something I never ate. 

Any way to plan healthy veggie meals in advance or mentally prepare to stay on track while pregnant?  I am scared this time as we consider adding to the family.

Sorry to hear of your difficulties last time-being pregnant is like having your body taken over by aliens sometimes! When I was pregnant (I've been vegan for about 18 yrs) I found that any craving could be satisfied with a vegan option. I did crave a lot of protein occasionally, but in those cases I made sure to eat higher calorie, higher protein vegan options. You definitely need a lot more calories and nutrients when you're pregnant.

I wrote a book recently which has a section on preparing healthy meals in advance, as well as a chapter on nutrition which tells about my experiences with a vegan diet and vegan children. It may be something that would assist you this time around.
(more info on my book:

Otherwise, I believe we're capable of anything, so I know you can do it! It's a challenge when you have a "bad" experience behind you, but I have heard so many stories of people who had hard first pregnancies and very easy second ones. Good luck!!! :)>>>


You should talk to Little2Ant.  She just had a baby and she is vegan.  I was vegetarian while pregnant, not vegan, though I try very hard to be vegan now.

But I had the  opposite problem while I was pregnant, the smell of meat all throughout my pregnancy made me gag so bad I would throw up and get the dry heaves. 

There is a ton of information about being vegan while pregnant.  Just Google it.  Don't let society fool you, a vegan pregnancy is actually a great one, very healthy for you and very healthy for your baby. 

They say that vegan mothers who breastfeed, have less toxins in their breastmilk than omni mothers who breastfeed.  Better for the baby, better for you! 


Don't let society fool you, a vegan pregnancy is actually a great one, very healthy for you and very healthy for your baby. 

They say that vegan mothers who breastfeed, have less toxins in their breastmilk than omni mothers who breastfeed.  Better for the baby, better for you! 

Very well said...and very true!!! ;)b


The only  non-vegan thing I craved when I was pregnant was cheetos!?!? I ate fritos instead. Hee. Hee. I suggest buying things that are easy to prepare, so if you're tired, you'll still eat well. Having a well-stocked pantry might also mean you'll have something if you get cravings. Things like canned beans, diced tomatoes, almonds, Luna or Lara bars, tofu, etc. Congratulations, by the way!


Take a multi-vitamin and listen to your body!

Those cravings usually tell you things you need. Try and figure out what vitamin or mineral or whatever is in a food craving, and try to find a vegan source. Other than that, just try and eat a balanced diet.

But don't worry if you break vegan, though. My wife is pregnant with our second, and we're adhering to the same rule we had for our firstborn... "Whatever baby wants, baby gets!"

For whatever reason, cheese is big for her this time around. LAst time it was sugar sugar sugar... hmmm.


read "Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven"
it has TONS of information about vegan pregnancy.


Smoothies are a great way to get nutrients. Add a little hemp/soy/rice protein powder, some peanut butter, flax oil, your favourite fruits with some greens and you have a really nutrient dense food. I am trying to get pregnant now and this is one of my plans to make sure I am getting what I need. I also started taking Rainbow Light prenatals. They are vegan and good quality. FOr the third trimester I plan on adding some fattier foods to my diet like avocado and coconut oil as the baby needs more fat in that trimester. I have only been vegan since August so my first pregnancy wasnt a vegan one. I am kinda excited to make this work and prove that you can grow a healthy baby from the goodness of the earth.


I agree with MountainMama about the RainbowLight prenatals.  They are wonderful.  I also take a vegan DHA supplement.  I have not been vegan this whole pregnancy (1st and early 2nd trimester food cravings and aversions got the best of me), but have returned to a vegan diet and feel even better since doing so.  I actually have a hard time meeting protein requirements, but have found homemade seitan to be helpful as it's incredibly high in protein and low in fat generally.  Otherwise, I eat a lot of beans, some nuts, and a lot of greens.


The best advice I can give is to ignore everyone's so-called expert advice.  Do you homework and know that your diet is better for both you and your child.  All of my friends thought I was going to have some kind of malformed baby and were always trying to talk me into taking vitamins.  Hello!  The vitamins aren't in the meat and dairy products.  I just made sure to take B12 regularly and did end up mildly anemic, but that is a common problem in all pregnant women.  If I had it to do over again, I would have eaten more veggies and less processed stuff (and probably could have skipped being anemic), but my then husband kept buying it.  I never had any morning sickness, although I could have slept through the second half of my first trimester.  I never had any cravings either, or at least not any more than usual.  I tend to think that is mostly hype. 

One well-meaning friend told me I should eat _______ because pregancy is the once time you can eat whatever you want and it doesn't matter.  I disagree.  Pregnancy is the only time in your life in which what you eat directly affects another human being.  Do it right.  Vegan diets rich in whole foods are as healthy as it gets. 

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