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What to feed 11 mo baby ?


Our grand daughter is 11 months old, and I am trying to find things for baby's/toddlers to eat/drink.    I looked over the forum but couldn't find anything, but someone here knows the answer. Help!


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This thread has plenty of info I think you are looking for.

Also feel free to introduce yourself in the Roll Call! thread.

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A lot depends on where she is with solid foods.  Assuming she is doing well with pureed foods, I would try almost anything soft and small that she can pick up with her fingers.  Canned veggies (no salt added) are a great place to start because they are super soft, for kiddos without molars just learning to chew.  Then you can work up to cooked fresh or frozen veggies.  Soft fruit, peeled, is good, don't do grapes or blueberries unless cut up, choking hazard, or if the kiddo is good about biting everything.  Cut up tofu, black beans or any variety, soft whole grain pasta, rice, avacado, sweet potato, olives, all great for kids.  once you see what she likes the sky is the limit.


Yah!    the link has all kinds of stuff, just what I needed.  So far she has only had Gerber puree food, and squashed banana.  Whew, such great news for me and her.  Thank you both very much for the ideas

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My daughter always loved mashed  avocado....and still does, it can be easily blended with steamed/pureed veggies or fruits. She also loves hummus, and tortillas roll-ups with hummus/avocado inside.  We make her lots of soups in the slowcooker with beans,quinoa, rice, potatoes, kale, brocolli, carrots, (etc,) and mild spices, (a couple bay leaves and maybe a pinch or two of curry or something not spicey. )  -remove bay leaves after cooking, obviously, and black bean soups.  She loves the so delicious coconut milk yogurt, (vainiila, )  and pasta .......(everything cut up very small, obviously.


I have an 11 mo old (going to be a year in three days).  He eats EVERYTHING!!!!  I make whatever I make for myself for dinner and simply give some to him to eat as well.  For example, I make tofu stirfry with stir fry noodles.  I just cut the veggies up into small pieces, leave the tofu in larger pieces because he likes to grab and chew on that, and some noodles and let him finger eat it all the way.  He loves it.  Tofu stir fry is actually one of his favorites.  He also will eat purreed foods as well.  He loves grilled cheese, pureed fruits with baby oatmeal, just anything. 


My little guy is picky but likes some really weird things that you wouldn't expect a baby to like.

Garlicky hummus
baba ganouj
pumpernickel bread

he also likes all fruit, but wont eat any veggies except roots-like winter squash and the like.
He doesn't like the standby's like avocado and pasta.

If there is something he doesn't like (a soft mixture, like homemade cereal or something) I just add a drop of agave and he's yeah, I guess I am feeding right into his little sweet tooth!

Rice with non-dairy milk and agave is a great treat for kids! You could probably even do it without the agave.


Nearly everything.

I make fresh, steamed veggies for my daughter. She cried the first time she ran out of pureed eggplant!
Lots of legumes - she loves great northern beans, diced tofu, mejendra (lentils, rice & onion pilaf), blackeyed peas. Homemade bread. Tortillas.
quartered grapes, diced strawberries. Pomegranate, etc.
Sliced raw cucumber, zucchini, diced tomato, olives!

She loves picking up her own food with her fingers.

I have only once given her commercial baby food - fruit - when we were traveling and at a relatives house. The veggies are reported to be revolting (I don't like canned veggies, myself - why feed them to her?)

Anything we eat that isn't a choke hazzard, too spicy, too salty, or too sweet - she eats with enthusiasm.

Babies eat new foods best before they're 1 - so give lots of new stuff to broaden horizons.


nearly everything sums it up at this point., she is 13 months old, 5 teeth, and we feed her what ever we are eating and she is lovin' it.  Picking up  food with her fingers, and trying to use a spoon is the stage she is in now.

Agave, will have to try that.

Gosh, it has been years since I have been around a baby, this is baby 101 for me.

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