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how do i become vegan???

hi, im 11 ive been vegitarian for a year or two, i want to become vegan, any ideas???

i asked my mom, she said "well... you want to be helthy."

pretty much all of my family has no idea what their eating!!!

Hi there,

May I suggest you go to the tab on top of this site: Vegan 101.  It will give you some great tips on going vegan.  Also on there's a link for how to go vegan.  I think it's wonderful you want to take the step to being vegan.  If you need more help, let me know and I'll do the best I can!


Hi there :)
My biggest concern is that you don't miss out on the important nutrition that comes from eating foods made from animals. I think you should sit down with your mom and a doctor (or a nutritionist) and see where you can get your vitamins and minerals - especially because she's the one that's going to be cooking your dinners! Vegucated is a great movie about becoming a vegan - maybe you and your family could watch that? It would make them a little more educated on what they're eating and are more likely to understand why you're being more careful with your food. 
It's amazing that you're choosing to do this! Just make sure that you're careful :) Also, don't be surprised if you need to take vitamin pills to make sure you get everything your body needs! 


Thank you sooo much!!!!!

i'll try that.


have any other good documenteries or movies i could show my family.

they act like its a joke, i told my grandpa the factories use bone char, he oferd me something, afterwords he said "mmm... those bome were good."

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