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Weekly Giveaway: Healing Waters Bath and Shower Gel! Storm is the winner!

The holidays starting to stress you out? Me too! Between all that family, food, and fun, it's hard to find a minute for yourself. Well, I'm here to help reclaim your down time. Enter Healing Waters' bath and shower gel ( This all natural, entirely vegan beauty potions will envelop you in tranquility. Lock yourself in the bathroom, fill up the tub with warm water, and chant some mantra to help you get through it. Mine is, "I love these people." Seriously, it's helped prevent many a Tofurkey Day massacres.

To win the relaxing—and maybe even lifesaving—bath gel, please let me know what your favorite Thanksgiving side dish is!

Giveaway ends Tuesday, November 15th at midnight, winner will be selected randomly, must live in USA to win.

Good luck!

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