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Flash Forward

I started watching Flash Forward about a week ago.  It's so good!  The premise is, everyone in the world loses consciousness simultaneously for 137 seconds.  During this time, everyone has a vision about what they will be experiencing 6 months from then, on April 29, 2010.  Some people see good things, some people see bad things, and some people see nothing.  The show is about how people deal with the aftermath of this catastrophe and use their flashforwards to guide how they live their lives.  It also follows an FBI team of investigators who are trying to piece together why the universal flash forward occurred and who is responsible.  

The show has lots of elements of Lost--you have to piece together how past, present, and future characters and clues are related.  The main actors are Joseph Fiennes, Sonya Walger (Penny from Lost!), and John Cho (from Harold and Kumar).  I'm on Episode 4, and Dominic Monaghan just made an appearance in the last 30 seconds of the episode!  I hope he is a permanent character.

Anyway, if you are looking for something to watch until Lost starts, this is a good one!  Has anyone else watched it?

Also, please mark spoilers loudly and accordingly.  I'm only on episode 4.

what channel? wonder if it's on netflix....


I dunno but the past 5 episodes are on hulu!
It's an ABC show.


I'm a huge fan of Lost and decided to watch the first few episodes of Flash Forward after reading some positive reviews my local paper. I really liked the premise and was impressed after the first episode, but by Episode 4 I'd completely lost interest. :-\ The plot seems to have a lot of potential, but the character development just wasn't doing it for me. I couldn't really identify with any of them, they feel so empty!

Now, I must admit, I'm kind of hard to please when it comes to television shows. The only TV programs I watch regularly are Lost and House, and I don't know if I'd even watch those if they weren't available to watch at my leisure via the internet. So take my criticisms with a grain of salt... For some reason I much prefer curling up with a good book or listening to radio programs to TV. I may have given up on the show without giving it a fair chance, but I guess I have to be really wowed to commit to watching a show regularly.


I am enjoying Flash Forward too.  I like things that you relate to and still be outside the box.  I like how they are trying to figure out if they can change the out come.  I have missed a few episodes, but not sure if when the guys who caused this thru an experiment every said exactly what the experiment was.  It would give you the creeps if it really happened. 

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