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Gulp. Greenie Gonna Get Composted?

You may think that you've considered the absolute MOST eco-friendly way to say buh-bye once you reach your final curtain call, but there's a crazy little thing called "promession" waiting in the wings...jumping up and down and screaming "pick me! pick me!"

You might as well take a peek inside this article to see what all of the hullaballoo is about. :o

this would be well suited for the news and debate board. i'm not sure how familiar you are with the vegweb layout, but you can find the N&B board HERE


one of the things this article is not taking into consideration is the mileage to get a body to one of these "green crematories"(Resomation) VERY FEW funeral homes can make such a large investment is such machinery, and that does not take individual states legalities regarding such disposition.
As things stand now, the sheer mileage to get a person to a green cemetery or green crematory (resomation) may be a big deciding factor in what method the family chooses, not to mention cost.

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