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Heavy metal cooking show

So, I just discovered the "Heavy metal cooking show" on youtube in a search for vegan pizza. I watched one episode called cooking seitan with satan and I'm hooked. The same night I watched every video he had. It kind of cheesy, totally hilarious and has easy to follow recipes. I was so inspired that I actually got off my butt and bought some seitan and black beans to make bbq seitan and black bean burgers instead of driving somewhere to buy them from a restaraunt.  I was wondering if anybody else had heard of it?  I think he has a website too with more clips that I'm dying to check out. I think its totally worth a watch even if you don't like metal. I Will post the website when I find it. >:D

that's about the most kickarse thing I've heard about this week! :)


ha ha, agreed! I'm glad somebody else got a kick out of it. Thanks for posting the website!


I was not aware of this... AWESOME! !


Rock on!!!! I know what I'm doing when I get home.


haha I found something similar last night - funniest thing I've seen in such a while. Love it when 2 interests which don't seem to have a connection, finally come together lol

Black Metal Vegan Chef​=CeZlih4DDNg

My favourite line "cut the tofuuuuuu, turns the plaaaate" Yeah, simple things amuse me  8)


love black metal vegan chef!

he has two more videos, if you haven't seen them:



my husband and I like saying cut the tofu turn the plate a lot too : )


Black Metal Vegan Chef is my hero.

But my oldest thinks he's weird.

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