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Humane society in Baltimore County, Maryland

I was outraged when I recieved this from the Humane Society. If you are from MD please respond to Constellation Energy and even you aren't here please send as well. We need them to understand that this is not acceptable at all.


This year the Humane Society of Baltimore County is celebrating our
80th anniversary of serving people and caring for animals in the Baltimore
area. The fees we charge for services cover just 17% of what it
actually costs to provide those services to the public. We need to raise the
other 83%.

Our annual Paws on Parade fundraising walk - a wonderful
family-friendly community event - is one of our most successful events. But success
is dependent on participation. Our biggest promotional challenge for the
Walk is to get the word out about this event.

This year we applied to Constellation Energy to hang a banner on York
Road promoting our walk. Constellation Energy performs this service for
other non-profit organizations and this is the only way to get a banner
hung.. The Humane Society would pay for the banner.

I was shocked that they turned us down because animal protection work
is not one of their "focus areas".

It is outrageous that they are being allowed to pick favorites among
organizations providing vital services to the public. Those organizations
who are denied this service are placed at a serious disadvantage.

The success of this walk is vital for the survival of the Humane
Society of Baltimore County and our ability to continue to serve animals and

We urgently need your help. Will you please send a short note to
Constellation Energy President and CEO Mayo Shattuck III asking him to allow
the Humane Society of Baltimore County to hang a banner promoting our
walk on York Road or at one of the other sites where the hanging of
banners is allowed.

Mayo A Shattuck, III
President and CEO, Constellation Energy
750 East Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

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