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Interesting and funny website...

I ran across this link on

I will warn you it doesn't tell you what it's really about just at first. Check out FAQ and About Us and see what it's really all about.

I was wondering about this! Clears things up :)

"Are you funded by Big Tobacco, and what's up with that?

truth is funded by The American Legacy Foundation - an independent, public health organization created in 1999 as a result of the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA).

Basically, 46 states, the District of Columbia and 5 U.S. territories got together and sued the major tobacco companies to try to recover some of the billions of dollars spent caring for sick smokers. The tobacco companies settled out of court, signing an agreement to pay the states a certain amount of money, and the states then funded The American Legacy Foundation with a very small portion of that money."


Nice site, YG !


Want to havemore sites like this

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