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Michael Pollan on The Daily Show

Good interview -- not strictly about vegan stuff, but about a lot of food issues that most here consider important: 'false cheapness' of subsidized animal foods, impact of industrial farming on health & environment, etc. It's at, if you didn't catch it... very cool!

I liked it, too, but then I am a big Michael Pollan fan.  While he, himself, is not strictly vegetarian, his latest books were highly influentual in my decision go veg .  Through the research for his last couple of books, I think he's in unique position of knowledge about our current farm policies and their effects on this country's diet and culture.

If you are a gardener, I highly reccomend an earlier book of his called Second Nature.  This is a collection of stories about his experiences with gardening and some are outrageously funny.  I reread the part about plant catalogs at about this time for the last several years and still howl.

More recently, he was on Oprah.  I cheer him on as he spreads awareness! 


very cute video! love it!

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