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PBS-Nature (NVR)

Tonight on the show "Nature" on PBS, they explained the relationship between humans and cows throughout history.  It was quite interesting, I thought.  Unfortunately, I was doing something else while watching, but I got most of it.  I think what did it for me was the section where they explained where meat used to come from and where it comes from now.  They explained  the damage that a corn diet does to cows and then the antibiotic issue, and then the slaughtering process.  I felt that they stopped just short of saying that this way of procuring meat for food is not sustainable.  They also discussed the methane issue, but I missed most of that.

Anyone else catch this?

No.  But I wish I did.  That sounds interesting.


HH, try this link...

I couldn't watch it on my computer (it's about to die), but it should work on a computer that is worth anything...


Thanks!  I'm on the road today, but I'll give it a looksy tomorrow evening.


it only has an intro to you know how we can see the whole thing?

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