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This is why the ag groups hate HSUS (good work, HS!)

New article from LA Times, about new video of chicken abuse/ ag producers whining that it's not fair how they're being persecuted...,0,2255620.story

Here's the thing: NO ONE WANTS FOOD MADE THIS WAY. Even consumers who EAT meat & eggs, and have no qualms about it, and never plan to stop, DON'T think this kind of animal treatment is ok. SO: knock it off, already! And quit whining... HSUS is NOT the problem; these PRACTICES are the problem. It annoys me to no end when ag producers campaign hard against anti-cruelty legislation (i.e. recent puppy-mill legislation in MO), iin order to protect ag practices they know perfectly well qualify as animal cruelty, and try to tell people the HS is some kind of monster institution trying to take over America and end everyone's access to food... what BS! Just quit being greedy cruel bastards, and treat creatures like creatures... and excuse me if I don't feel too bad for ya, when you're persecuted by consumers who don't wanna support animal cruelty. Waaaah.

Yes I read about this here:

This needs to stop already and the only people they have to blame for this type of cruelty is themselves and not the people who catch it on camera! They are exposing the true way these animals are treated and not the black and white corporate policies that these companies claim they are following without anyone monitoring what they are really doing


It takes a real sociopath to be able to turn evidence (and man, is there a lot of it) of blatant, brutal animal cruelty into claims of victimization by HSUS.

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