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Beefless Vegetable Soup

What you need: 

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 onions, chopped
3 stalks celery, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 1/2 quarts vegetable stock or bean cooking liquid
14 ounces tomato sauce + water to rinse out can
2 small yukon gold potatoes, in 1/2 inch dice
1 tablespoon turmeric
2 teaspoons dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon cayenne
1/2 teaspoon Marmite
sea salt, to taste
1 (10 ounce) package vegan beef (I like Gardein Beefless Tips), optional

What you do: 

1. Heat oil in pot over medium heat, and add onions, celery, carrots, and garlic. Saute until a little softened.
2. Add stock and tomato sauce (and water to rinse out can) and bring to a boil. Add potatoes and flavorings, reduce heat to simmer, cover, and cook until potatoes are soft, about 15 minutes.
3. While potatoes are cooking, saute vegan beef according to package directions, if using. Add to pot at the last minute, and season with salt. If you expect leftovers, consider cooking just enough vegan beef for each serving, storing the soup itself separately.
If I hadn't had the vegan beef, I would have considered sprinkling veggie parmesan or Dragonfly's Bulk Uncheese on the soup, instead.
Source of recipe: This recipe was inspired by the Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable soup I ate way too much of in college.

Preparation Time: 
20 min, Cooking time: 30 min
Cooking Time: 
30 min
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