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What you need: 

1 Vidalia onion
1 red onion
1 Goya So Frito
2 cups of black beans I prefer Goya products
2 cups of red beans
2 cups of pink beans
a can of Hormel vegetarian beans (this is vegan)
1 red pepper 1 yellow pepper 1orange bell pepper
1 jalapeño (I try not to make it too spicy)
chili seasonings
a package of soy taco seasoning
a package of Gimme Lean sausage
depending upon desired thickness of soup, a package of burger-style crumbles

What you do: 

Use at least a 3-5 quart pot. Add the soy taco and Gimme Lean. Cook that. Add your cooked beans. Stir as you continue to add the So Frito and the chili seasonings. Add 1/2 cup of water and let it simmer. This will give you time to chop up both onions finely. I usually chop the bell peppers into strips to give it more color.
After you are done preparing the vegetables add them to the chili. Stir and put it on low heat. Chop the jalapeño last and stick it in the center of the chili.
Once all products are used, add salt and pepper to taste. I usually add a dash of curry, and sometimes garlic to enrich the flavor of the chili.

Preparation Time: 
30 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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