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Guacamole with a Real Kick

What you need: 

avocados (1-6 depending on how many servings)
Roma tomatoes (1-6 for every avocado, a tomato)
Serrano peppers (1/2 for every avocado)
red onions (optional, finely chopped 1/4 for avocado)
lemon Juice (3 tablespoon for 1/2 Serrano pepper)
salt (by taste, but be careful!)
onion powder (more if you didn't use actual onions)
garlic powder
cilantro (use liberally)
serve with lettuce underneath (optional)

What you do: 

This recipe requires you to taste as you go. It's a recipe that just takes practice to make perfect. The key is keep it proportional.
Be careful with adding salt, remember, the chips are salty, so it will add it's own salt to the guacamole. Just add a bit to make sure the guacamole doesn't turn brown.
For every 1 avocado, 1 tomato, half a pepper, 1/4 red onion (optional) and 3 tablespoons of lemon.
Finely chop the Serrano peppers and soak them in the lemon juice. Mix in the lemon juice with Serrano last, the longer you leave the Serranos in the guacamole, the spicier it will get.
Serrano peppers have a friendlier kick than jalapeños, which is why I use the long funny Serranos.
Cut the avocados into chunks, it will get creamy as you stir with the rest of the mix.
Onions are optional due to the fact, I don't like onions, so I use onion powder instead.
Be very generous with the Garlic powder, it really gives it a kick.
Cilantro is all about your feelings with it, I'm all about it, so the MORE THE BETTER. Cilantro makes it a bit more authentic, because it's used more in Mexican cooking.
Salvadorians always incorporate lettuce underneath the guacamole when serving, so it makes it more like a salad, which is great to add to the guacamole and very tasty, I highly recommend it.
You can make a little for yourself, one avocado is more than plenty. I've used up to 8 avocados for a party, and it was sufficient!
To store, evenly sprinkle lemon juice on top with salt, and put in a sealed Tupperware. It should keep up to 3 days without turning brown.

Preparation Time: 
max 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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