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High Protein Hot Cereal

What you need: 

3 scoops brown rice
3 scoops black rice (forbidden rice)
3 scoops barley
3 scoops oats (not rolled)
3 scoops millet
3 scoops quinoa
3 scoops rye
3 scoops wheat
3 scoops buckwheat

What you do: 

I fill a 2 quart Tupperware container in the above ratios and then mix well. Scoop 1 cup into a rice cooker (I have a 3 cup Panasonic) fill with water to the 1 cup line and turn it on. It takes about 5 minutes every three weeks to mix the 2 quarts but only two minutes each morning to start breakfast.
You can eat it anyway that you would normally eat hot cereal. Soy Milk, vegan margarine, agave, or plain. Enjoy this healthy breakfast.

Preparation Time: 
10 minute
Cooking Time: 
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