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Nutritional Yeast Cheese Dip/Sauce

What you need: 

1/4 cup nutritional yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup unbleached flour
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/8 teaspoon dried yellow mustard powder
1 cup water
1 1/2 tablespoons vegan margarine (I highly recommend Willow Run for this sauce)

What you do: 

1. Mix dry ingredients, add water, whisk until clumps are gone.
2. Put in pot with margarine, and heat on medium until hick.
This is a very thick sauce as it is best suited for things like alfredo, macaroni and cheese, etc. It shouldn't get as thick as mashed potatoes, though, so be careful. You can add more water if you make it too thick, but it's supposed to be pretty thick.
Mixing salsa with this for nacho cheese with chips is great; adding onion powder and extra margarine works great to use in a scalloped potato recipe; extra garlic, margarine and parsley for alfredo. Try scoops of it on vegan pizza. '

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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mmmmmmm, okay, so im hooked on this recipe. i can't stop craving it!!! after eating that pot of pasta, two days later, i made the sauce again. i winged it again, no measuring, and used potato flour. unfortunately this time it stayed really lumpy, yet super yummy still :)>>> i put it over top of brown rice, brocolli, zucchinni, and mushrooms. To.Die.For.


oooooohhhhhh my :)>>> this is the closest i have ever gotten my vegan cheese sauce to taste like the real thing. i had my (just-turned vegetarian) brother over for dinner, and made mac and cheese. He couldn't believe how creamy it was and how much it tasted like cheese. this is definately going to be my new staple recipe for cheese. my modifications:

1) i used soymilk instead of water
2) i used brown rice flour instead of all-purpose (i think im allergic to gluten)
3) and i more or less just eyeballed the ingredients, i didnt measure anything. it came out fantastic :)


This turned out awesome!  ;)b

I added some turmeric to the dry ingredients, and I had a little Tofutti sour cream left over so I added that in with the marg. I didn't have any dried mustard, so I added regular yellow mustard at the very end as well as a dash of hot sauce. It is SO yummy. I put it on pizza and I have enough left over for supper tonight.


A good, basic cheese sauce.  I really liked the thickness.  I whipped it up in about 10 minutes to eat with some oven fries. 

I omitted the salt and used only a teaspoon or so of margarine, but I also added a few drops of liquid smoke and a dash of soy sauce to enhance the flavors more.  I think the smoke did it.  It gives it that sharpness that dairy cheese has. 


This was a great creamy base for any pasta or vegetable medley.  I mixed it up with vegetables and couscous and added some paprika, cayenne more garlic to add a little punch.  Pretty good. 


This was great!  I added some more water to mine because it was thick, but I never was much to stick to the exact measurements.
I had it on pizza and it was awesome.


This is probably gonna be a regular recipe for me from now on. I poured the sauce on some rotini noodles, and it is delish. Nice and creamy. And it's so easy to make, too! ;)b

I used Silk plain soy milk in mine, plus some leftover salsa I had. Yummy! I'll probably use this to satisfy my cheese cravings.


This was great! I used it for a panini sammie... awesome!


Cheeseless Christ!

:-D  I just noticed this.  OK.  Sorry.  Still laughing.  Sorry.  Back to recipe reviews.


This was delicious! I served it over Broccoli Polenta from the "nomicon. Much better than expected, I added cumin, and extra garlic powder.



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