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What you need: 

1 crown brocolli
1 crown calliflower
3 carrots
1 onions(yellow or vidalia:the purple one)
1 bunch green onions
soy sauce and Stir Fry sauce
noodles or Oriental style Nissan ramen noodles

What you do: 

Ok, this is really easy.
You can buy the vegetables in a package frozen...but when you stir fry you will have to place in fresh onion and green onion.
For the noodles you can find any noodles in the oriental section of a grocery store or go ghetto and use Oriental style Nissan ramen noodles.
Stir fry veggies seperate while boiling noodles...adding minimal stir fry and soy. Then stir fry noodles a little at a time adding in veggies and add as much sauce from then on as you want.
This is really good and will make enough depending on how much noodles you use. I suggest about 5 pkgs of Ramen or 2 pkgs of the other.

Preparation Time: 
30 mins
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


Okay, so I took the advice of jaquelinedaniels and veggie_girl 77. I added bean curd noodles and some tofu. This dish was so delish! Thanks for sharing Octavia!!


I've never had pansit with broccoli and cauliflower before--we use carrots, cabbage, onions and garlic.  I usually use rice noodles AND pansit canton noodles.  It's really good if you add some tofu--just pan fry some soy sauce-soaked tofu and toss it in. 


Traditional pancit uses rice noodles (or if you can find authentic Filipino ones, it will actually say on the package "pancit bihon" or "bijon"), which is actually a lot easier because all you have to do is soak them a little bit before cooking the vegetables, and then add it to the vegetables mid-cooking. Much tastier if you ask me, but then again, that's how my mom has always made it ...

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