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Vanilla Ice Cream!, really!

What you need: 

3/4 cup nondairy milk (I use plain soy)
1/4 cup salad oil (refined vegetable oil)
4 tablespoons fructose (you can tell me if it works with other sugars too, haven't tried)
8 drops vanilla extract

What you do: 

1. Put milk and vegetable oil in a blender. Blend for 1 minute.
2. Put fructose into blender, and blend for 1 minute.
3. Pour into a container. Add vanilla on top, and stir. It should taste like melted ice cream at this point!
4. Put in freezer until desired consistency is reached.
When it's ready, the only difference is that there might be some ice shavings in the bottom, similar to what happens to ice cream when it unfreezes and freezes again. You can try mashing it and re-freezing it. But it tastes like regular vanilla ice cream to me, which means you can make recipes with it in place of ice cream.

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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This recipe is FABULOUSSSSSS!

I made it with chocolate soy milk, vegie corn-like oil, fructose, and vanilla essence powder (I live in Greece, they do the powdered thing here for vanilla). I also used my cool little ice-cream maker.

Two servings were done in 15 minutes. I fed some to my lacto-ovo vegetarian-ice-cream-lover-boyfriend and he highly approves.

I will post again if I come up with some cool creations based on this recipe. I already have some ideas... what about vanilla mint? Or vanilla hazelnut, with hazelnut flavoring and hazelnut chunks? EEEE! Endless possibilities with this one.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Makeinu!

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You know what I did? I added figs! And it was delicious! Thank you. ;D


Made this last night really enjoyed it! I added 3 mashed bananas, substituted honey as the sweetner, and added a couple tablespoons of wheat germ. I used the plastic bag technique that was suggested. It wasn't smooth but not super icey either, I also thought it had a nice subtle sweetness to it but my boyfriend didn't think it was sweet enough. Thanks for the recipe


I go to a Super H Market store, which has everything Korean, Japanese etc. They make their own Tofu and Soymilk there along with the standard brands.

If there are other Asian Markets, try looking for their box brands as well


I used soy creamer since its much thicker then any soy milk i can find with canola oil and sugar its in the freezer right now seems to be coming along well so far so I guess I did good? lol cant wait for it to be ice cream though. If it turns out well I hope to get an ice cream maker soon :-D


Well,I just found the recipe and heard the reviews and even seen that you dont need a ice cream maker and ive been trying to find something I could use up my half can of pumkin  sooooo...i'll post back later to tell how it is. :) I cnt wait to see how it will turn out!
p.s. I'm doubling it just in case! XD


just wanna say this recipe work great with other flavours too. i doubled the recipe, used sugar for the sweetner and sunflower oil, then added Kahlua and chopped pecans and popped it into my new ice-cream was UNREAL!! i love this recipe!


This was really good!!!  It does melt quick though.....I made it on my ice cream maker.  It tastes even better than the store bought ice creams.

Thanks so much....I also used reg sugar and it came out fine.....i would like to mix in other flavors next time..


Strange question, but I am doing some research into vegan ice cream. I am wondering what the consitancy was of the finished product? would it pass for non vegan ice cream? also, anyone use silken tofu in there ice cream recipes? I love ice cream but hate the funky aftertaste that most commercial vegan ice creams have. any ways  ::), if anyone has any info I am super curious. Also interest in using the "rich whip" instead of regular heavy creams and half and half?


I think that the best thing would be for you to try it yourself, especially if you have an ice cream maker, because I am not sure what the "funky aftertaste" that you mentioned is.  From the comments left here, I would say that most people liked it, and if anything they had a problem with texture, which can be remedied with the plastic bag method (I assume; haven't tried it) or if you have an ice cream maker (see baypuppy's delicious-looking picture).

Hope that helps.


Okay, I made this last night and tasted it this morning...the taste was SO good,...but it had the texture of ice shavings!  What did I do wrong???  I followed the recipe...only I used canola oil since I didn't have vegetable oil.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me?? :-\

It might also help to add a tablespoon of vodka into the mix.  The alcohol keeps the water in the soy milk from freezing solid, helping prevent that texture of ice shavings.  And really what could be bad about ice cream and vodka?  ::)



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