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Vegan Lasagne with Miso

What you need: 

Egg-free lasagna sheets 250gm
3 Tins ChoppedTomatos
1/2 lt Soya milk
2 tablespoons Red/brown Miso Paste
1 tub Dairy-Free Parmesan (UK source: large Tescos, etc) 50gm?
1/2 pack Veggie Mince
Garlic & onions to taste (we use 4 clove, 2 large onions)
Soya Margarine 25 gm
White Flour (Heaped Tablespoon)
Herbs: basil, Oregana,Fresh Ground Black Pepper
vegan red wine (1/2 bottle

What you do: 

Make a Tomato sauce - fry the galic and onions, next the Veggie mince, then add the tomatos & herbs to make a reasonably-liquid sauce as it is absorbed in cooking the pasta. Cook for about 30 min At the same time, make a standard white sauce. slacken the miso by mixing in 2 tbs of the white sauce - this makes it easier to mix. Then add the miso into the remaining white sauce. Layer tomato sauce, then pasta, then white sauce, then a shake of parmesan at least twice, until all used. Put lots of parmesan on the top. Cook in 200 degree C oven for about 30 min until top is browned.
This is a very accessible dish for carnivores, as well as restoring my faith back in lasagne, after (non-vegan) years of avoidance due to over-exposure as one of the only things in restaurants.

Preparation Time: 
1/2 hour
Cooking Time: 
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