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Chilaquiles (Rojos)

What you need: 

4 tomatoes
2 1/4 cups plain tomato sauce
1 teaspoon guajillo pepper powder
1 teaspoon de árbol pepper powder
1 teaspoon california pepper powder
vegetable bouillon powder, as needed
12 handfuls of tortilla chips, or as desired
Diced onion and/or chopped cilantro for garnish (optional)

What you do: 

1) In a blender, add the tomatoes, tomato sauce, and spices except for the bouillon or salt) and blend until smooth.
2) Pour the sauce into a pan and let it heat a bit, stir if needed. Add the bouillon powder or salt and stir. Add the tortilla chips.
3) Turn the heat off and stir gently to get all the tortilla chips covered with the sauce.Enjoy! :)
Source of recipe: This is one of my favorite things to eat.. Chilaquiles (red, to be specific, because there are variations; like green and in mole sauce) :D !Basically, they're tortilla chips (totopos) covered with sauce.
I like them plain, and sometimes eat them along some refried pinto or bayo beans.You can eat them just like I do or add vegan sour cream or vegan cheese on top. Traditionally, these are eaten with eggs or meat. You can use tofu to substitute the scrambled eggs or seitan, chik'n strips or soy curls to substitute the meat.
I like mine all soft and saucy, but if you don't, just put desired amount of tortilla chips in your plate and pour over the sauce when ready to eat.

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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