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EEE-ZEE-CHEE-ZEE Grilled Cheeze

What you need: 

1/8 nutritional yeast
1/8 whole wheat pastry flour
sea salt
vegan margarine (I use Earth Balance, its vegan)
black pepper (optional)
tomato (optional)

What you do: 

Put equal amounts of nutritional yeast and pastry flour in a small sauce pan (I like a little more yeast than flour). Add enough water to mix them together. Heat on medium for just a few seconds to heat it up (you only need about 1/8 cup of each for one serving. This can be adjusted to the number of sandwiches you are making). It should become like a spread (peanut butter consistency). Add sea salt to taste.
Spread this on bread and add tomato if desired. Add pepper to taste. Butter the outside of your bread (I use Earth Balance, its vegan), and grill it in a pan like you would grilled vegan cheese.
I just discovered this the other day.....I had been missing the real thing after all of these years and this is even better! The cheeze spread is good on crackers too (the only bad thing is that it kind of reminds me of Cheeze-Whiz). But delicious anyway!

Preparation Time: 
5 minutes, Cooking time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 
5 minutes


This is my recipe. Can it be listed with the other recipes I submitted? Thanks!!!


Damn! These are really good. It has literally been years since I had a toasted/grilled sandwich and this made for the perfect snack. I added tomato and avocado and lots of cracked pepper. My mum came into the kitchen and I was like "oh my god, try this!", she was so impressed I had to make her one.  :)


:-\ i guess im the total minority here  cuz i did not like it. at all. so nasty.  and my turned all hard and balled up.
but i think i just might not be a fan of the taste of nutritional yeast in general so ya...


very good!


Lovely recipe, especially with a few modifications. I always use about twice as much nutritional yeast, never make it without a thin slice or two of tomatoes, and fry it on a skillet with lots of Earth Balance butter. So delicious!


Will definitely be making this many times in the future. I was skeptical when heating the mixture as I cooked it a little too long and it got really gluey (glad I used non-stick.) But I proceeded with the recipe by dividing each sandwich portion into two so that I could spread it on both slices to "glue" my tomatoes and red onion in place. The sandwiches got really crispy on the outside, nice substantial filling inside. Very flavorful, hearty and low in fat. SO MUCH BETTER than vegan cheese and much cheaper. Doesn't really taste like dairy cheese, but I like it for what it is because I love the flavor of nutritional yeast. Thanks for this recipe!


YUM :) I've had this sandwich two days in a row now for dinner and it is soooo good! Tonight I even had a big bowl of tomato soup to go with it! I added Dijon mustard to my sandwich (not to the cheese part, but spread on one of the bread slices) because I LOVE mustard on grilled cheese, I highly recommend trying it, it's really good. 


Wow!  This was awesome!  My 17 month old son who is a pretty picky eater ate a whole sandwich  :o.  When I make regular grilled cheese he doesn't even do that!  The first few bites he gave me this wierd look but kept putting more in his mouth, then finally the wierd looks just went away and he keept piling piece after piece in his mouth until the whole sandwich was gone.  I only made one because I figured he would eat only half of it and I would eat the other  half, nope, I had to make myself another half one. 

Thank you L2A for giving me another food to add to my son's "I like that" list.  This list is pretty small and I am trying to expand it with vegan food. 

Then, after downing a whole grilled "chee-zee" sandwich he gulped down a half of cartin of fresh blueberries!  Then he continued to eat some of the sandwich I made for myself as well.  Yep, he liked it.

Next time I will try to put a tomato on it, but I didn't have one today but it was great anyway.  Thanks!


just WOW WOW have to ad the tomato though.....but I really loved it and even my mama and my sister, who are not very big fans of vegan food, loved this  :)>>>


OMG I love this!!! (Although, I do add a little mustard and chili powder.) It's great with tomato soup.



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