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Sweet Cornbread

What you need: 

1 cup cornmeal
1 cup all purpose flour
2/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup vanilla nondairy milk (I used soy)
1/2 cup water

What you do: 

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease bottom of baking dish with a little oil. I used an 8 X 8" glass dish, but I'm sure this would work as muffins just as well.
2. Mix dry ingredients in a bowl with a fork or a whisk. Stir in wet ingredients but don't mix too much.
3. Pour into baking dish and bake for about 30 minutes, or until the edges are a little brown and tests done with a toothpick.
4. Take our and let cool for 15 minutes or so.
This is excellent with some margarine when it's fresh. I like to eat the leftovers for breakfast with maple syrup.
Source of recipe: Modified cornbread recipe from Golden Sweet Cornbread on AllRecipes.

Preparation Time: 
10 min, Cooking time: 30 min
Cooking Time: 
30 min
Recipe Category: 


This was really good! I was worried, because I hadn't tried this one before (I had a recipe that I really liked, but I lost it!) This was just as good... I did add probably 1/8 of a cup of sugar instead of the recommended amount, and I used unsweetened almond milk instead of vanilla was plenty sweet to me... I also used a cast iron skillet which worked really well...


yum!  this cornbread turned out PERFECT.  it was not the least bit dry, perfectly sweet, and overall delicious... and of course easy.  i had it with some spicy chili, then the next day ate it by itsself with my hands.. yeah it was that good.  i still have a bit leftover and it is still good and hasn't dried out, about 4-5 days old!


Tasted just like cornbread should! I left mine in the oven an extra 5-10 minutes because I wasn't sure if it looked done enough... I think it might have been too long, though because they did come out a touch on the dry side. Still, not crumbly or anything.

I would love to try this with jalapenos or a maple syrup glave. Mmmmm.


Great recipe  :)  i made them into muffins and they turned out perfectly! I posted a picture of them. Thanks for the recipe.

note: if you make them into muffins, they don't have to cook as long (mine were done to perfection in 20 mins)


I just made this using half organic cane sugar and half coconut secret coconut sugar. I like it and will use this as a staple cornbread recipe experimenting with add ins for the future.


This was so good!  :)>>> I made this tonight and it was so much better than the other cornbread recipe I'd tried last night. This one was moist, sweet, and buttery! It's exactly like, if not better than, cornbread as I remember from my pre-vegan days. I'll be making this again & again.

My omni roommate even said, "I don't normally eat things with corn in it, but I will this time cause it's so good!"

Changes: I used plain almond milk, so I increased the sugar to 1 cup.


I substituted buckwheat flour for white flour to make it gluten free (and blue). It turned out great, very moist and sweet. It went perfectly with sloppy joe, and my 2 year old loved it.


AMAZING...Turned out Great, I put in  some Chopped up Embasa Sliced Jarred Jalapenos.The texture and Flavor were impressive. I say the best Vegan Cornbread recipe i have ever tried. It is actually better than non vegan versions that i have tried.. This is a keeper....  :)


Perfect cornbread. When I was vegetarian I had a go-to cornbread recipe, but since going vegan I've been in search of the new perfect one, and I think I found it! It wasn't too crumbly, it held together, it had great flavor. Just awesome.

I used whole wheat flour, only 1/3 cup sugar, and I used melted Earth Balance instead of oil. I melted the EB in the 8x8 pan in the preheating oven, then I just added all the wet ingredients to that, then added all the dry, mixed it up right in the pan and baked. Only 1 dirty dish! Yes!

I wanted to take a picture, but I swear we ate it too quickly--the entire thing. I'm serious. That's almost embarrassing!


Wow this was really good - great flavor and texture.  My omni dinner guest commented a couple times on how good it was.  I used brown sugar (had no white) and plain soy milk instead of vanilla.  The recipe made a dozen average sized corn muffins (baked for 25 minutes).



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