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Donated police dogs die in hot car

I wonder what the circumstances surrounding this were. A friend of mine is a police dog handler and he tells me all his colleagues are animal lovers, so I'm curious as to how this could have happened. Very sad :(

Most police dog handlers normally have a close bond with the animals. Hmmm. Maybe just not in this case...

Ugh, i dont know the details obviously, and not just to this. But, i get SO pissed off seeing dogs in cars. I see them all the time (usually at night so it isnt as bad.. but really? come on)


Once I was sitting in a car outside a store chatting with a friend, and parked across from us was a car with a doggy in it! He was a fluffy dog, had a coat kind of like one of those sled dogs, but I think he wasn't a huskie..husky?..whatever the sled dogs are. We were there for an hour and it was about 78F out, so it was getting warm in my car even with the windows open all the way, and his were only open a crack! I wanted to liberate him, but that would have been too extreme, so I wrote a note on a napkin (DON'T LEAVE DOGGIES IN THE CAR ALONE WITH THE WINDOWS BARELY OPEN WHEN IT IS WARM OUT) and put it under the windshield wiper.

At that moment the owner (a snooty looking young woman..mid twenties probably) came back. We zoomed away. It wasn't like a grocery store either. It was a bunch of shops like Old Navy, Borders, Marshalls, etc..


When I see a dog in a car w/o cracked windows (and they need to be sufficient 'cracks') I call the local police for animal control. I did this to a dog I saw in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble a few weeks back, the windows were not cracked and the dog was barking like mad, I saw out there for 15 minutes and no one came to the vehicle; so I called animal control.

If you're a pet owner, you have to act responibily, and if you don't then other members of the community must do so on your behalf!
It irks me to see things like that.

I did not read the article about the police dog, but I get the jest of the piece of news from the thread here. I work for a police department (no K-9's here) and I can tell by the few guys who really want a K-9 are huge dog lovers, and would treat those K-9s as partners not animals. Most officers who have a K-9 partner see the K-9 as a partner not as a dog. What the heck was wrong with that guy...


We've had these types of stories here in the past.  What I don't get is that if a civilian kills a police dog, it's prosecuted like killing a human cop, right?  (I think.  Something close to that.  Or, like, up to a life sentence, but not death row.)  But if a cop kills a police dog through neglect then all they get is a warning.


me and my friends broke into a car one time at six flags to get a dog out and give it water. when we felt that we had to get out of there we tied the dog to the steering wheel and left all the windows all the way down. we left a letter and a big bowl of water.

i dont think people realize how fast the inside of cars heat up

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