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Is my Dog Pregnant?

None of my dogs have ever had pronounced nipples. But the two stays i took in do. I know with cats their nipples get bigger and turn pinkish and they call it "pinking" But I don't know about dogs. They could be pregnant for all I know :-\ I was palpating the smaller ones stomach last night, just seeing if I could feel anything going on in there but it just felt like smooshy insides...I know how to tell if a goat is pregnant...but not a dog. I wonder if one of those pregnancy tests from the dollar store would work?

I was just remembering that stupid American version of Godzilla where he was in New York City and Matthew Broderick's scientist character used human pregnancy tests to determine that he was a she and had or was about to lay eggs.  You can't go by anything in a Hollywood movie, though.  It just triggered an interesting movie memory! 

I did a quick google and found this:

"While dogs occupy a special place in human hearts, they also sit at a key branch point, relative to humans, in the evolutionary tree. It was already known that humans share more of their ancestral DNA with dogs than with mice; the availability of the dog genome sequence has allowed researchers to describe a common set of genetic elements - representing about 5 percent of the human genome - that are preferentially preserved among human, dog and mouse. Rather than being evenly distributed, some of these elements are crowded around just a small fraction of the genes in the genome. Future studies of these clusters may give scientists the critical insight needed to unravel how genomes work."

I also found this site:

So apparently the answer is maybe.
Human cg and Dog cg may or may not be similar enough for the test to work.

But this is the best advice I found:


huh, the plot thickens!

So at work, we donate the scraps from our fruit to a wildlife center (my doing  ;D) ) and the rescuers come in every day to pick it up. There is this one lady in particular who seems pretty cool and we talk some times so- like two minuets ago she came in and I asked if she knew...told her about the teats and such and she was like "Um, pretty much, probally. We just past a heat season!"

All the internet sites I'm seeing say either take it to a vet or else compare it to whatever it looked like beforehand...because I do not know them before, I  cannot compare...yikes!


If their nipples are starting to be pronounced......and they were not before...they are pregnant. The only other thing could be (since I believe you just got them) that perhaps they both finished nursing within the past few months and their nipples have not yet shrunk back down to normal size. It would be relatively easy for a vet to tell you if they are a spay/neuter clinic and they will probably test them for free. :)


Oh dear God, Zealia... all you need are more dogs!!!



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