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The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes

did I miss a thread on this already?  I picked it up from the library and the recipes sound great.  This morning I made the drizzled cinn a scones pg 151 and they have an off flavor.. I am thinking it is the vinegar. 

Has anyone else had this issue with recipes from here?


I made the You are my sunshine loaf and it turned out terrible. The inside would not cook at all. Apparently this recipe has been causing problems for other people as well (go to her website and look under cookbooks for comments).

I also made the banana split cupcakes and these cupcakes turned out perfect. They were soft and I loved the different textures from all the "toppings."


Cherry clafoutis - I loved this! I had never tried it before and was delighted with the texture and taste.

Marbled bundt cake - Easy to make and was tasty.

Peanut butter banana cake - This is seriously the best banana cake I've ever tried. It is so moist and has a perfect amount of PB in the frosting. This cake has already been requested for birthdays by my omni family.

Almost flourless kahlua cake - I thought this would be great and I found it inedible. It's kind of like a pudding that's baked in a water bath but it ends up with a weird texture and the taste was just awful.

Choco-chai coffee cake - This makes a huge cake but it really doesn't have that much flavor. I expected a heavier chai taste so next time I think I'll just use another tea bag or so.

Strawberry lemonade cheesepie - The taste on this pie is spot on, I think. However, the technique is terrible because you end up with a gummy pie crust since it's baked in a water bath. If I were making this again, I would not use a water bath. I'd rather have cracks in the cheesecake.


Betta chetta biscuits - Really good flavor from the nutritional yeast. They tasted like cheese crackers in biscuit form so they go well with a southern dinner.

Orange chocolate muffins - These come out really moist and I thought they were alright but the flavor isn't really all that great. It's extremely citrusy from the orange juice and the zest but I just wasn't that impressed.

Pumpkin cinn-a-zag bread - I made this twice to see if I did something wrong but both times I disliked it. The bottom comes out kind of gummy and despite the fact that there's a huge layer of cinnamon this bread just falls completely short on flavor.

Peanut butter and jelly bars - These are really dry and ended up in the trash. I tried another version of these bars in 500 Vegan Recipes and I liked that one way better.

Gas station pies - Hell yeah, this is what I'm talking about!! They taste exactly like those fake ass apple pies that you used to buy at gas station and down with some with chocolate milk.. ok you didn't chocolate milk with yours? Then you're lame. Anyway, this recipe seriously makes me worship this book.

Cinn-ful apple cake - This cake has fantastic apple flavor! At first glance it seems really plain and kind of basic but it just ends up so awesome. Definitely one of my go-to apple recipes.

Saucy apple bread - Another great apple recipe that I enjoyed. Can you tell I had apples to use up when I was baking out of this book? It has an awesome topping of crumb type of topping using pecans so it's not just a regular loaf type of bread.

French toast muffins - These make the house smell sooo good from the maple extract. They really do taste like french toast so they're great for breakfast when you're running out the door.

Baklava bread - I used walnuts since that's what I had instead of pistachios but this recipe is totally indulgent. After the bread is baked you poke holes and pour this sugar syrup on top so it gets all sticky and it soaks in and ends up totally sweet. Yeah.. this is definitely good.

Best Boston cream pie - I only make the cake part of this so that's the only thing I'm reviewing. The cake part comes out very thin and dense. I actually wasn't all that impressed with the taste but I didn't make the whole recipe so I'll have to try it again and report back.

Best banana bread - This was good but I wouldn't say it was the best. Either way, I'm glad I tried.

Cornin' around bread - Great corn bread! I made it to go along with some chili and I really enjoyed the bits of actual corn in there and it had the perfect amount of sugar.

Blackest forest cake - I liked the frosting and the cherry topping but I didn't like the chocolate cake. It was almost like the flavor was off.. as if something was missing. Everyone else liked it but I wasn't the biggest fan and wouldn't bother making it again.

Chocolate frosting - Great, basic frosting. I made this once with chocolate chips that weren't the greatest and you could definitely tell so if you make this, make sure you use the best chocolate chips you can.

Better-than-breadsticks - This tasted nothing like Olive Garden's breadsticks.. like not even close. I didn't like them at all actually.

Forever carrot cake - Best damn carrot cake ever! It has pumpkin pie spice and ground cinnamon in it which I found interesting. The texture is amazing and super soft thanks to the cup of applesauce in it. It has just enough raisins to add to the flavor but not be a distraction.

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