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Adding another Vegan with a Vengeance Review

I made the Seitan-Portobello Strogranoff tonight.  It was awesome!!

I followed her recipe exactly except I didn't use any seitan. (ironic, eh?) 

The flavor and texture were very good, although it didn't taste like I thought it was going to taste while I was cooking it.

I served it over brown rice rather than wide noodles because I didn't have any wide noodles.


P.S.  I got this cookbook because of peer pressure!

ha ha, blaim it on peer pressure!  ;)

i'm amazed at how much everyone LOVES this cookbook. i'm not a cookbook person (even vegan ones i generally find to be too "fancy"--i like to cook with the cheap stuff i have and not hunt for fancy things) and i love this book and use it often. most of the ingrediants are already in my kitchen (not that i claim to have a "well stocked" vegan pantry--i'm a grad student--but i have the basics). and she doesn't ask for "faux" products all the time (like many of the vegan recipies i find) so it ends up being real from scratch yummyness.

so the question is...if you don't have this book why don't you have it!! (ha ha, just kidding) but it is really good.

i'll have to try this seitan-portobello strogie, since i do love saucy stuff on my brown rice...

i need to get me a waffle iron to make some of those waffles everyone is raving about!


Peer pressure --  ;D

This has become my fave cookbook!

Thanks for the review.


This is one book that I may have to buy a second copy of. Mine is already falling apart and very messed up...a sure sign that I use it constantly. I can't wait for her cupcake cookbook to come out in the fall!

My husband loves her seitan recipe and has become Chief Seitan Maker in the house.


Sounds good.  I guess I'm going to break down and get a copy.  After all, you guys were ga ga over "How It All Vegan" a few years ago and that wound up being a good cookbook. 


yes, peer pressure. tweety wants VWAV...

did i mention that this cookbook kicks butt?  ;) ;D

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