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Broke college vegan

Hello! I did a quick search but didnt find what I wanted.

Now I love this site and all the recipes, and when Im back home I make as many as I can. But I'll be heading back to college in a couple months and back to the dorms. Last semester was just awful, nothing but pbj and the occasional indian food (that i was 90% sure was vegan). It was very tiring. So anyway Im looking for recipes and cookbooks that cater to people like me (broke with limited ingredient availability). Ive "the students vegetarian cookbook" which is pretty nice. Anyone have first hand reviews on other cookbooks like this?

My daughter has the PETA's Vegan College Cookbook and she likes it quite a bit.  It has gotten some negative reviews, partly because of its use of microwaves and processed foods, but that is often what is available and can be easily stored in dorms so I don't see the issue there.  The recipes are quick and simple, though some are so simple that they really don't require a recipe (e.g., how to make a peanut butter and banana sandwich).  My recommendation would be to check it out at the local library to see if it suits your needs or go to a Barnes & Noble and page through a copy. 


Perhaps Vegan on the Cheap or Supermarket Vegan?


I actually have the PETA Vegan College Cookbook but never use it. It is definitely suited for people who have little available and live in a dorm room setting. I personally have never used it because I honestly don't have to since I live in an off-campus student apartment complex and I can buy/cook my own food. So...if you would like to have my copy, I would have no qualms shipping it out to you (that being if you live within the continental US). It isn't in perfect shape considering I bought it nearly three years ago and it's traveled with me a bit, but there are no rips or tears to it. Let me know if you're interested :)

Oh, and I recommend checking out the blog Vegan Stoner. ( They have some really simple "recipes."


Thanks for the recommendations!  :D

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