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found new book in pantry... any recommendations?

So being this is the second time around being a vegetarian, I happened to rummage around my cookbook cabinet to find a book I was given by someone and glanced at but never quite took seriously. Until I read it. Now although I'm not a full fledge vegan (no dairy vegetarian) this book is awesome. Its "Cooking the whole foods way" by Christina Pirello. found some amazing recipes for cookies and such that usually tend to be a little hard to find without dairy. The book talks about how she won an Emmy for her cooking show and she has a website but haven't had a chance to go to it. has anyone heard of this lady? Does anyone have any other books to recommend? Any of hers to reccomend?

thanks again!

She's an old school vegan star.  Been around a long time, but now is overshadowed by news stars like the Skinny Bitch and Post Punk Kitchen girls.

Still, she put out a good book recently "This Crazy Vegan Life", which is a great introductory book to veganism, and gives some weight loss and nutritional tips.  Only about 1/3rd of it is recipes, but they are good recipes. 

I'd recommend it if you're a little green on vegetarianism. 


The book has been in the pantry for awhile ( i wanna say 2 years?) I used to use it for more veggie side dish recipes while I was pregnant and post partum. (Wasn't vegetarian then) It wasn't until recently that I read the rest.

thanks alot i'll look into her other book!

oh p.s. I've heard about skinny bitch, not 100% keen on it.
Although it has a good message the pitch seems like a semi shallow way to bring it to the table. :)

hmmm.. never heard of the last one.. might have to check that one out too.


SB isn't for everyone, but a lot of people went vegan after reading it.  It was a best seller, which is very rare for vegan writers. 

The PPK girls are the one's who wrote Veganomicon, Vegan with a Vegence, Viva Vegan among others. 

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