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The Greek Vegetarian

Anyone have this cookbook/any thoughts? I had bookmarked it before, and later on thought it was a vegan cookbook, but alas, it's vegetarian. One reviewer says "many recipes are meat-and-cheese free" (I should think they'd all be meat free!), but, you know, I want to know if it's worth buying in terms of (1) vegan options and (2) tastiness of vegan options.

I already have The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen, but was looking for another Mediterranean-type cookbook.

I have this cookbook.  There are many vegan recipes and some incredible looking combinations.  However, I do not cook from it often because onions play a major role in so many of the recipes and I can't use onions.  Usually this is not a problem but with these recipes there are few ingredients and I don't think I can skip a major ingredient.  If a recipe calls for dairy it is almost always in the form of feta or skordiala or other Greek cheeses and it would be hard to find a vegan substitute for them.

This is one I would definitely borrow from the library first.

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