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The Joy of Vegan Baking

Anyone try this cookbook? Or planning on buying it?

After VCTOTW and this site, I don't know if I really *need* a new cookbook on desserts... but... well, anyone?

Hearty Spiced Cocoa muffins--

I made these tonight and they were delicious. It's almost reminiscent of gingerbread, but there isn't any ginger in them. They're almost indescribable because they are sweet, but almost savory, with a hint of chocolate, but they aren't really chocolatey, and they have some spice to them, but they aren'tginger- hot. Indescribable and tasty. They're great if you're looking to experience something new.


Yes, this book is awesome! I bought it a couple years ago- my favorite vegan baking book. Well, besides Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World of course.



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